Ecuador Beach Income

by | Apr 24, 2009 | Archives

Here is a way to gain Ecuador beach income.

A bit over a month ago we ran an advertisement for a Montanita Ecuador beach view property.

This property offers living and investment opportunity available in Montanita  Ecuador.


This is a new, large house with stunning views, and two bedroom guest house, located just two minutes walk from the center of Montanita Ecuador.

Here is a shot from the balcony.


What I did not realize is that the the property has some excellent income potential so I have added it to our series of ways to earn income in Ecuador.

This is a 4,000 square foot building where every room has amazing million dollar views set up so it can be turned into four units:

Unit #1:  A self contained two bedroom apartment.

Unit #2 and 3: Two studio apartments.

Unit #4:  the main house.

There is a rental possibility for up to 4 incomes!

This could be a bed and breakfast type of destination since Montanita does not have one yet or you can live in the main house and rent:

2 bedroom apartment $500
1 huge Studio apartment $400
1 Studio apartment $300

$1,200 a month income is quite sufficient for a comfortable lifestyle in Ecuador.

There are more pictures of the house here.

The asking price is $285,000.

The price includes 24 hour guards, swimming pool, tennis court, and other community facilities.

The owner is Warwick White at


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