Ecuador Floral Information

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Here is information about Ecuador floral opportunities… plus an Ecuador floral idea from this picture…


Merri and I love flowers. Right now we are filling the house with our mountain spring flowers like these.


Yet we supplement our North Carolina flowers with Ecuador floral arrangements like these Ecuador lilies.


Ecuador floral opportunity is one reason we love Ecuador. When we are there, we can have dozens of fresh roses every week.

What would a floral arrangement of 50 long stem roses delivered to your door, cost in the US?   A lot?

Not so much if they are Ecuador floral arrangements. This is why Merri and I regularly have Ecuador roses or lilies fedexed to us from Ecuador.

They are wonderful, fresh and they last!

Take for example our latest order of Ecuador lilies.  They were delivered April 8.

I screwed up.   Our arrival was delayed until April 11, so Fedex left them sitting in our green house in freezing weather were they stayed for at least a day and a half.  It was freezing… yet these fresh Ecuador lilies survived and thrived.

The Ecuador lily orders are of 25 stems but each stem has three or four buds… so the order delivers about 100 flowers!  There are so many I had to put them in three vases where they are still going strong.

By Easter they looked great.  Here is one of the three Ecuador floral arrangements on Easter Sunday six days after delivery, at the entrance to our home…


another on our fire place mantle and…


the third Ecuador floral arrangement in our dining area.  The aromas were intoxicating!

Even three floral arrangements left the vases crowded.  I could have filled five or six vases.

By April 16, the flowers were still looking great… nine days after delivery.


Wonderful and beautiful.


I do not stop enjoying my Ecuador floral arrangements after they are tired either.  I dry most of my rose bouquets once they are tired.  This floral bouquet is drying in our kitchen now.


Here are my last two Ecuador rose orders… one in our kitchen.


These Ecuador roses had brilliant colors and the dried bouquet remains colorful.


Another arrangement on our fireplace mantle was of of lighter shades and  is more subtle…


though still beautiful.


Ecuador Floral Information.

Being on the equator, Ecuador flower farms have an ideal environment for roses and other flowers.  The high elevation provides proximity to the sun, but cool nights. These are perfect growing conditions for long, straight roses.

Ecuador’s cut-flower industry supplies roughly one-third of America’s roses. A third of Ecuador’s yearly production is exported to the U.S. for Valentine’s Day.   Over 95% of Ecuador’s flower exports enter the U.S. duty-free under a U.S. trade program for Andean countries.  Other than oil, flowers are the largest recipients of Andean trade benefits.

There is Ecuador floral opportunity because over the past two years more than 33% of America’s florists have shut down.

As large retailers increased the quantity and lowered the price of poor quality flowers,  outlets for high quality flowers have suffered.

Even before the economic downturn US traditional florists were in a continuing negative trend due to this downgradng of the market.  There was increased channel chaos as the remaining companies tried to find ways to cgain a larger share of a shrinking pie.  Some importers who normally sold solely through the traditional channel started selling to the mass market.  Some wholesalers began direct from farms and bypassing importers, even selling directly to consumers.

See how this creates opprtunity at Ecuador flower income.

Learn how to have Ecuador Lilies here.

Learn how to have fresh Ecuador roses here.

Until next message may everything be fresh and rosy for you!


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