Cotacachi Politics & Business

by | Apr 19, 2009 | Archives

Cotacachi politics and business can be fun!

I am often asked, “what is there to do in Cotacachi?”

The answer is that something is always going on in Cotacachi!

A guest at our hotel Meson de las Flores recently gave an example when he sent me a note and pictures about Cotacachi business and politics.

Ecuador’s President visited Cotacachi recently. The place was packed!  Here are some of the photos our guest sent.

Ecuador Politics

This is Calle Bolivar that runs into the plaza where Meson de las Flores sits.

Ecuador Politics

They placed El Presidente in a truck.

Ecuador Politics

There was plenty of security.

Ecuador Politics

A few soldiers was not going to hold this crowd back.

Ecuador Politics

The President tried to stay aloof and above.

Ecuador Politics

But what the heck.  He knows how to work a crowd. Down he went.

Ecuador Politics

I’ll bet his security detail was going bananas, but it looks as if he was having fun!

Ecuador Politics

So was our guest who was enjoying Ecuador politics and business. He wrote:

Gary and Merri,  yesterday the President of Ecuador was in Cotacachi and
I thought you might want some of the photos I took.  By the way thanks for
all your help with the Import Export ideas. It is going very well and
I have now figured out my shipping process and am working on my web
page blog …I will let you know when it is complete so you can check
it out.. Thanks again for everything.   Ch

Even on a sleepy Sunday… there is always something to do in Cotacachi for business or for fun!

Until next message, may all your business be fun.


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