Easter & Ecuador

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Ecuador’s Easter weekends are special..a family time of deep reverence and remembrance. No Easter bunnies, eggs or chocolate here!

More about Easter in Ecuador in a moment… first welcome to spring, this…


beautiful time of nature’s resurrection.

We have been out harvesting nature’s early gifts.


We are back at our North Carolina farm and I took this morning to walk and enjoy  this wonderful, rich season…when new life springs from apparent death.


Our most recent snow just melted and the creek is full.


The falls roaring.


I am not sure who loves the walks the most, me… or Ma.


watching life emerge.


During this economic downturn… the message of Easter and spring is even more important to take to heart.   There is no death… just change.  Each ending holds the seeds of a new… and better beginning.

We are also enjoying our Easter lilies from Ecuador.  Here are the first blooms I have set out at the farm entrance.


There were so many blooms that I had to put them into two vases. Here are the rest of  the blooms coming on our dining room table.


Yet just like all endings… we gain from the past as well… so our Christmas roses, which we dried, are still providing beauty in the farmhouse as well.


Merri, I and the staff at Meson de las Flores, send our best wishes for a happy holiday and great joy and prosperity this spring.


Easter in Ecuador is a wonderful family time when everyone gathers to eat Fanesca, an Ecuador Easter tradition. This is a very rich soup, made from squash and twelve different grains, (representing the disciples of Jesus) and salt cod since red meat is not eaten this day. Fanesca is a delicious Lenten chowder prepared to celebrate the unity of Ecuador (each grain represents a different part of the country) and to end the Lenten Fast. There are sliced boiled eggs on top and slices of rich ripe avocado also. Here is our chef, Santiago, with his Ecuadorian Easter fanesca.

Ecuador Easter

His Easter fanesca is outstanding!

Ecuador Easter

The view from Meson at Easter is of Jesus commanding the sunrise and…


an empty plaza.


Later the parades begin.


Everyone participates,  boys…


and girls.   Young…


and old.


Spring is here.  On this special season…


Cotacachi’s plaza will fill.


Meson will be ready…


for one of the busiest restaurant days.

Recognizing that for centuries the community has gathered on this day to celebrate the victory of this season in dance.

ecuador-easter Merri and I send our earnest wish that you enjoy a happy holiday.


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