See Ecuador First

by | Apr 4, 2009 | Archives

See Ecuador first.  Look before you buy.

However pictures on the internet should just be the beginning.  I am often surprised how some people can form strong opinions of a place they have never visited. One lesson we learned decades ago is “always go see for yourself.

This is also why we advise that to buy a sight unseen property is generally not a good idea.

First the sun always shines somewhere! It is shining now in Cotacachi and on Ecuador’s coast.


Second, look, see…feel and experience before forming opinions. One cannot see reality on the internet.  The World Wide Web is an invaluable resource tool but at some stage, you need to visit.

I have been quickly reminded of  this fact while researching real estate here in Florida. The first property I viewed looked great on the net… lake front over six acres… professionally landscaped…house and guesthouse only $200,000.

What the website did not show was that over five of the six acres were under the lake.  Professional landscaping probably meant that a professional truck driver dumped gravel over most of the land that was not submerged.

The web listing also did not show the train tracks, industrial park or the tatoo parlor next door which we did not even bother to inspect inside.


Third, because one place is good does not mean others are bad. Merri and I believe first and foremost in value…diversification… destiny and fulfillment.   We love Ecuador and Cotacachi… but also have purchased property on Ecuador’s coast… and in North Carolina and are in Florida looking for real estate as well… for all the reasons above and as explained at Ecuador Shamans & Truth.