Ecuador May – July 2009 Tours

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In Ecuador we offer two 2-4-1 tours this May and June.

Economic downturn?

Yesterday’s New York Times article entitled “Jobless Rate Hits 8.5%; 663,000 Jobs Lost” said:

The unemployment rate reached its highest level in a quarter-century after 663,000 jobs were lost in March, the 15th consecutive month of job losses.

Yet our Ecuador and other businesses are expanding so fast that I can barely keep up.

More and more readers are wanting to know… “How do you increase affluence like this when so many are losing it?”

This fact creates potential profit and benefits for you.

Apparently the needs to… live in Ecuador… invest in multi currencies…  have a small international business and…  have low cost natural health secrets have all risen at once.

These are our four specialties and this creates opportunity for you. Let me explain why…

Our business has focused on these four areas for decades and as the global economic crunch is highlighting  the values of these ideas… our 41 years of  international experience has seen a growing demand.  This makes us leaders in these fields exactly when more information is required. But this also creates three dilemmas.

These dilemmas force me to (happily) create two 2-4-1 tour packages where you can attend two of our Ecuador information tours for the price of one.   2-4-1… plus a bit more.

Here are MY three dilemmas that create YOUR 2-4-1 opportunity.

Dilemma #1:  We are swamped. This May begins Merri’s & my 41st year of living, investing and doing business abroad. Here is the passport from my first airplane trip, first time out of Oregon. Portland to Vancouver, Tokyo to Hong Kong at 21 years of age.


This is the first stamp in that passport, May 2, 1968.


Yet we are going stronger than ever before.  This March I spoke to almost 400 delegates in Ecuador and we were involved in five tours.  Here I am speaking to almost 300 delegates at International Living’s Quito seminar.


I spoke six times to this group.


Then went on to conduct four more tours in Cotacachi.


This, along with the four ezines I write, plus our investment and property management and life in general is keeping us… “kinda busy”.

Dilemma #2: We wish to remain small. This is the  fifth recession and market crash our business has thrived through (1968 – 1970s- 1980s – 1998 and now).   Part of our success is that we have remained a small (mainly just Merri and me) tightly run and controlled business.  We have had to expand some (especially with Meson de las Flores)  but overall we wish to remain a small, family business that we operate from our home.

Dilemma #3: We want to do more. I have friends and clients asking me to do seminars in May and June in both Ecuador and the US.  So I have been racking my brain to figure out how to be in two places at once.

This created the 2-4-1 concept that offers a special opportunity for you.

I cannot be in two places at once but I can make to possible for you to gain all the information I know and see what I am talking about for yourself by visiting Ecuador.

The first crunch comes in May and June when an exploding demand for information about multi currency investing and Ecuador living collide.

Jyske Bank has taken the trouble to qualify for US investors (thank God as most overseas banks are abandoning the US… with good reason).   I have agreed to help them conduct seminars in the US… the first in May when I’ll be joining Jyske Bank in Naples, Florida.

Yet we have many delegates who want to attend our real estate tours.  So we created our first 2-4-1 tour program where you can come to one of our educational courses in the US and one of two Ecuador tours for the price of one tour. 2-4-1

For example we have three Ecuador tours scheduled for May 2009.

Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour May 16-17

Imbabura-Cotacachi Real Estate Tour May 20-21

Ecuador Amazon Herbal Tour May 22-24

Merri and I will not be on these three tours and we do want to meet you. So to make sure we can meet, we will let you attend these either one of the May real estate tours free if you enroll in one of our three International Made EZ  courses, in July, October or November.

You get two courses for the price of one.  Enroll in any of these courses that Merri and I will conduct below and choose either May real estate tour free.

July 24-26 IBEZ North Carolina + Tangled Web

Oct. 9-11 IBEZ North Carolina + Tangled Web

Nov. 6-8  IBEZ Cotacachi + Tangled Web

There is no need to  hurry either. If you are not sure about attending two tours,  sign up and attend the real tour now… then we’ll knock the tour fee off our IBEZ Cotacachi + Tangled Web course fee later.

You can also still take advantage three course discount as well.

For example, if you choose to attend all three of the May tours… both real estate and the Amazon herbal tours, then you can attend our July, October or November course free.

You can see some options below.

These three May 2009 Ecuador real estate tours are hosted by Alberto Verdezoto (a long term friend and guide as well as an expert on herbal medicine from the Amazon) and our staff.


Here is Alberto leading our last real estate tour on the coast.

You could not be in better hands.  Alberto was in the Ecuador travel business for more than 10 years and has been our main real estate researcher for three years. He has helped us find most of the good Ecuador property deals and is doubly helpful because he bargains down the price!

Here is Alberto (left) leading our staff at International Living’s Ecuador seminar in March.


On the coastal real estate tour,  you’ll see these houses near the beach for $19,500.


Here is an interior shot.


Plus on the Imbabura – Cotacachi real estate tour we’ll see these excellent houses.


with these views and…


with top quality finish.


Plus on the Imbaburra – Cotacachi real estate tour we’ll look at (unless it has sold) a really well organized 12 acre avocado farm just minutes from Ibarra.  The owner has returned to Loja.  Here is the entrance.


the main  house.


inside living room and…




Here are both houses from the rear and…


the back garden.


Here, in front of the houses, is the fruit… the cash generator.


The avocados are flowering for their first crop.


We are told they will offer a $50,000 a year income after two years… $25,000 potential this year. (Be sure to check this out as we are not avocado farmers so cannot discern the truth.)

Asking price with these two houses, land and crops is $260,000.

You can enroll in one, two or three of these courses below

Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour May 16-17. $499 Enroll here.   $749 For a couple.

Imbabura-Cotacachi Real Estate Tour May 20-21.  $499 Enroll here.  $749 For a couple.

Ecuador Amazon Herbal Tour May 22-24.  $399 Enroll here. $499 For a couple.

Take Two for One. Attend any of the three courses below and select any one of the tours above free.

July 24-26 IBEZ North Carolina + Tangled Web

Oct. 9-11 IBEZ North Carolina + Tangled Web

Nov. 6-8  IBEZ Cotacachi + Tangled Web

Or sign up for two or three of the May 2009 tours and attend any of the IBEZ Cotacachi + Tangled Web FREE.

Attend any two Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$949 for one.  $1,349 for two.

Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one.  $1,799 for two.

Learn about our July 2009 Ecuador export tour 2-4-1 deal here.