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Here is a way to earn income and help the environment and the poor… with Ecuador flowers.


Our last three messages have looked at advice from billionaires Warren Buffet, Li Ka-Shing and T. Boone Pickens on how to use this economic correction to create wealth.

Here are quotes from another billionaire… Geroge Soros  who said:

Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected.

This is why the current market downturn creates opportunity.   Changes in the  socio-economic paradigm create new unexpected opportunity.  As the establishments crumble, new opportunities are created.

This makes life really exciting (and lucrative) for the business pioneers who accept and embrace change.  Merri and I feel this way every day and hope to share the excitement and opportunity with you.

Soros also said:

I think there’s a lot of merit in an international economy and global markets, but they’re not sufficient because markets don’t look after social needs.   I’m not doing my philanthropic work, out of any kind of guilt, or any need to create good public relations. I’m doing it because I can afford to do it, and I believe in it.

Merri and I could not agree more.  We have been involved in international business for 40 years, but became involved with Land of the Sun Foundation (LOTS) because we want to help the poor beyond business..

Soros’s final sage comment is: The worse a situation becomes the less it takes to turn it around, the bigger the upside.

There are several ways to take advantage of the current economic situation… invest in stocks… real estate… commodities or  to have or start your own business.

This is why I am writing this series on Ecuador business ideas and have focused on the environment and using organic products which helps all three of the problems above.

This is also why we have for the past two years been offering Ecuador roses to help LOTS.

Now we have combined a way for our readers to develop extra income and help the indigenous poor with Ecuador flowers.

Robert Ribadineira, our flower supplier,  has now created a Fresh Flower Party Plan for flowers that can help you earn income as you help the poor.

Party plans have been  a highly successful way to introduce new ideas by displaying and demonstrating a product to those gathered at a party.

Roberto’s Premium Flower Party not only develops income potential and helps the poor but also helps resolve a huge problem that the economic downturn has created in the US.

The problem is that in the last two years nearly 30% of America’s florists have gone out of business.

It is harder and harder to get fresh premium quality flowers.  The new paradigm is that low quality, short lived cut flowers now rule the market.

Roberto’s  Premium Flower Party creates a new, fun and fulfilling way for Americans to have top quality fresh flowers in their homes.

The party plan originated with the  Tupperware company in the early 1950s. Tupperware’s success was widely copied and the idea hosting a social event in homes to demonstrate a product has become a popular and proven business model that combines fun and personal customer service.

Party plans have been used to sell items such as kitchen products, home decor, jewelry, skincare and cosmetics.

Yet fresh premium quality flowers have never been marketed via a party plan…until now.   The demise of so many florists and new three day Fedex delivery capabilities have made the Premium Flower Party a logical entry in the new economic paradigm.

Here is a note that Roberto sent to me.

“Gary, The program will begin as follows. I expect some small changes as we evolve and adjust to circumstances.

Leather Leaf Fern


We can provide our party hostesses with a nice variety of flowers.


1-      100 roses with 4 different colors all of the same tone (ex: pinks, pinks bicolors), or 4 different colors of different tones $90
2-      10 bunches of leather leaf $61.53
3-      12 bunches of hypericum $93.36
4-      This will make 25 arrangements  with 4 roses,  4 leather leafs and 4 hypericum in each bouquet.




Gypsophylia (Baby’s Breath)


1-      100 roses with 4 different colors all of the same tone (ex: pinks, pinks bicolors), or 4 different colors of different tones $90
2-      12 bunch of gypso (baby´s breath) $85,88
3-      12 bunch of daisy assorted $73,68
4-      This will make 25 arrangements with 4 roses with 4 gypso and 2 daisy in each bouquet.




1-      100 roses with 4 different colors all of the same tone (ex: pinks, pinks bicolors), or 4 different colors of different tones $90
2-      25 stems of oriental lilies $55.75
3-      12 bunch of alstromerias assorted $91.68
4-      This will make 25 arrangements of 4 roses with 1 oriental lily and 4 alstromeria on each bouquet.



Last year Merri surprised me on Father’s Day not with roses but 25 fresh Ecuador Lilies! I was thrilled at their beauty, aroma and endurance. Here are those Ecuador lilies in our home.


The arrangements are the freshest premium quality flowers.

The can be sold at the Premium Flower Party at $19.99, a price that  is very hard to duplicate. Selling 25 bouquets at the party creates an income of $499.75 or double the cost of the flowers.

The fun is that each person makes their bouquet at the party!

We will provide a pamphlet for each customer with instructions on how to take care of flowers and 25 packs of flower food, plus a DVD that shows how to make the flower arrangement.

We plan to offer a different bouquet every two weeks so hostesses can even create a Premium Flower Party Club so guests come twice a month to make their bouquet and take it to their home.

The party hostess can also become a florist and take special orders between each party.

Each host or hostess can determine how much he or she would like to contribute to Land of the Sun Foundation… $20 or more.

Regards, Roberto

The really good news is that Ecuador flowers and roses are truly the best because there is 365 days a year of direct sunlight.


We have roses everywhere in our hotel. In the court yard where we dine.


In the rooms.


In the hallways.


Even in…


our food displays.


The Premium Flower Party is a good way to earn income for those who like flowers… like parties… and want to work from home.

George Soros had written a  fascinating book entitled, “The New Paradigm for Financial Markets”.  This book explains that the next generation will have to understand bubbles rather than ignore them.  He is a deep thinker with ideas several decades ahead of his time.

The flowers delivered are environmentally friendly and fair trade flowers.

Roberto’s Fresh Flower Party Plan is an idea who time has come and you can contact Roberto at

Until next message, may all your income be good and come with care.


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