Ecuador Export Potential

by | Mar 29, 2009 | Archives

Ecuador Export potential comes with imagination.

Meet Maggie Beesley.


She attended one of our import export courses and has been buying and exporting from Ecuador since.   More on Maggie in a moment.

Yesterday’s message looked at Warren Buffet’s comments on the risks of losing purchasing power by holding cash for too long.

Other billionaires are reminding us of the great opportunity that exits now as well.

Li Ka-Shing, Hong Kong’s legendary billionaire, recently reminded investors that “if you buy in a slow market, in the medium term you get good returns.”

Li is a self-made billionaire who controls some of Hong Kong’s largest companies.  Li is the man the local media call “Superman” and liken him to Warren Buffett.  He heads one of Asia’s most powerful businesses and is a generous philanthropist.

“If you have money in your pocket,” Mr. Li recently said, “consider buying into stocks.

Li however advised against borrowing to invest what remains a shaky and volatile environment.

There are several ways to take advantage of the current economic correction… invest in stocks… real estate… commodities or your own business.

This is why I have been writing a series this week on Ecuador business ideas.

When you combine what you like with imagination, you can create many business ideas.

The necklace and earrings that Maggie is wearing for example are made from orange peel.


Imagine what your imagination  could do with an idea like this.


Another article Maggie has sniffe dout in the market are leather hair pins.


These come in many colors.


They have…


wonderful detail and…


could be the beginning of an entire line of goods like this… school logos… badges… and such.

What an export business like this requires is searching for the product… setting up the supplier and improving the product to match your market… with your imagination.

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