Ecuador Health Care Proof

by | Mar 29, 2009 | Archives

Ecuador health care is good and inexpensive.

A recent message about Cotacachi hospitals evoked this note from an American who has lived many years in Ecuador.

Gary,  As an expatriate, having lived in Ecuador for more than 20  years I will also attest to the warmth and genuine interest that most in the medical profession  here have for their patients.

This is in direct contrast to the bureaucratic, complex, and coldness of hospitals in the USA.

Having lost both parents in the last three years I am only  too familiar with this. There are too few doctors and the new ones understandably wanting to work less hours and compound this with often overworked nurses and you got a serious problem.

I noted doctors in the USA have little time for follow up after operations and most important very few consider the emotional and mental state of the patient to be very important.

Wheras my Dr. in Ecuador upon any visit first wants to know if I’m happy, depressed, the family life etc, which he rightfully knows has a direct correlation to any medical situations he may encounter.

Good article on hospitals in Cotacachi. Not planning on immediately visiting but good to know about.  Plus very much enjoyed talking to you the other weekend.

In Coatacachi we enjoy Dr Baca, an Ecuador MD who was educated in the Ukraine.

What I like about Dr Baca is that he is an MD but also uses frequency medicine and diagnostics like the Computron.  This is a nonlinear computer diagnostics device invented by Russian researchers.

The  device combines Chinese acupuncture with the measurement of galvanic skin differentials and helps diagnose pronounced pathological processes and the earliest forms of the diseases or predisposition to them.   Many medical communities have resisted this device,

We hope to see you in Ecuador.