Cotacachi Health & Garbage Services

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Cotacachi has a great garbage collection and street cleaning service.

This message looks at three ideas… the first in Cotacachi. Then it shares a multi currency investment idea and ends with a global business thought.


Every morning at 6am the Cathedral bells ring and the Cotacachi garbage trucks begin playing a captivating tune to let residents know they are near…so garbage can be brought out.  Our friend Blaine Watson tells us this tune the Cotacachi garbage trucks play is a sacred song played in temples in India.

Friends who visit us from Quito are amazed at the quality of our Cotacachi garbage trucks. Much better than Quito’s garage trucks, they say.


The Cotacachi street sweepers also begin at about 6am.


So even after a big parade like this…


The next day by 9 am the streets look clean like this.


Multi Currency Investment Thought

On March 12th our multi currency service looked at and agreed with Jyske Bank’s  suggestion to take a long position in Pounds Sterling at 137.92 GBP/USD.

Investors who followed that advise have earned around 6% in tow weeks.

Jyske does not expect the British pounds to strengthen short term and suggests that certain clients take their profit.  We are sending more indepth information to our multi currency course subscribers.

Global Business

Not long a Warren Buffet wrote this about business and opportunity.

Clinging to cash equivalents or long-term government bonds at present yields is almost certainly a terrible policy if continued for long. Holders of these instruments, of course, have felt increasingly comfortable – in fact, almost smug – in following this policy as financial turmoil has mounted. They regard their judgment confirmed when they hear commentators proclaim “cash is king,” even though that wonderful cash is earning close to nothing and will surely find its purchasing power eroded over time.

I agree with this comment.  It is a dangerous investment strategy to remain in cash for too long.   Look for good value real estate, commodities, shares and business opportunities.

I am in Florida now looking at real estate and while here will look at an opportunity you may enjoy involved in organic farming. I’ll report on this tomorrow.

Until next message may the garbage you see be less.


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2008 provided many economic lessons that we can use in 2009 to create our own business in Cotacachi or wherever.

The reason we can have this freedom in business as you overcome the global economic distortion that is so grave it will force many of us to continue working… or  to work more then expected or… to start working for ourselves when an existing job is eliminated.

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