Cotacachi Business Tip

by | Mar 26, 2009 | Archives

Here is a Cotacachi business tip.  Always be prepared.

These are times of great opportunity but you must be ready to grab a benefit when it arrives.

For example… a recent six am in Cotacachi was time for our morning walk.

We headed out…  my little Sony camera always at the ready in my pocket… even though… what’s to shoot at six?

Right away we saw that something was going on.

Political flags were up.


The election is next month.  This is El Presidente’s flag.


The police were blocking the street.


“What’s up?” Merri asked.


My camera is clicking… clicking… clicking…  I sensed that somethings was up… even at six.

“El Presidente!” he says.

Here he comes…


The time was 6:30 am.  Correa had already completed one rally in Quiroga, where he rode though on a bicycle  and was…


now  accompanied by a  group of cyclists… but


he was in the SUV headed for a breakfast rally.  We rushed back though the village.  I wanted to see if I could get a photo of Correa…   This was just a little personal challenge I gave myself…  something stronger than a cup of coffee to wake me up in the morning

We followed the music… rat a tat…

boom boom… clang clang.


The musicians stopped.


We wrapped around several buildings to get on the the side of the rally… closer.

I thought maybe I could approach him for a photo there.  No way was I going to get through the crowd.   I has been watching the car for a photo as he returned to exit.   But it moved so I knew I would not get an exit shot.


Round the corner I went.  Oops.


Serious security.


No one was getting past this safe zone.


I had a group of delegates and a seminar to conduct back at the hotel… but I waited.

There is no big zoom on my pocket Sony and I wondered if  there would be any chance to get nearer.

Correa finished breakfast.  He stood, looked up  and saw us.  He waved us in. The crowd surged and  flowed round the protesting guards in a wave!

Could I get near enough to snap a photo?

Like… this…


and this.


Handshake distance.


There is a Cotacachi business tip here.


I started the day without expectation.  Yet I was prepared… just in case.   The camera was in my pocket.

When the opportunity unexpectedly presented itself, I acted.  I sensed.  I shot.  I moved with the flow. I waited.  When the opportunity came, I took it… a small but very pleasing, personal accomplishment.

This was no big deal… just a photo, but we can make something of it… by seeing  the business tip I gained out of this little Cotacachi fun.

Economic times may seem rough… but this is really the time for the greatest opportunity.  Be watchful.  Be prepared.  Be willing to act. Plenty of opportunity is here.

Until next message, may all your opportunities be near.


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