Cotacachi Sidewalks

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Cotacachi sidewalks tell a tale about this town.


When a town is in trouble its sidewalks crumble.   Cotacachi sidewalks in reverse are getting better… much better… each and every day

This is a sign.    The book, “Tipping Point”, by Malcolm Gladwell looks at how simple signs like this can help us predict markets and can show us that there is opportunity in Cotacachi.

One of the points in Gladwell’s  book is that it is little things that causes a social-economic events to tip.  For example the book explains the “Broken Window Theory ” that says that if a window is broken and left un repaired, people walking by will conclude that no one cares and no one is in charge. Soon more windows will be broken and the sense of anarchy will spread from the building on the street on which it faces, sending a signal that anything goes. In short crime is contagious. As are bull and bear markets, stock values, etc.

The police in New York used this theory in reverse. By aggressively attacking simple crimes such as vandalism and putting graffiti on trains, and subway fare-beating, major crime fell dramatically. The point is epidemics can be started or stopped by tinkering with the smallest details of the environment. Throw two or three small changes into any environment, be it economic, social or biological and you move towards a tipping point… good or bad.

We can use this knowledge to spot small things now that will make big differences in economics later… like Cotacachi sidewalks that are getting better all around the town.

We can see that these sidewalks are a harbor of safety for small children early morn or at night.


We see that they are clean… and cleaned every day.


They are improving all the time.  There is a continual prgram to upgrade the sidewalks…


and streets.


Cotacachi sidewalks reflect the native culture here. These ae not ordinary sidewalks. These ancinets symbols put in the sidewalks reflect the history of the indigenous community.


These patterns are symbols of the sun…


and the concepts of universal existence.


These are sacred sysmbols… speaking to us everywhere in town… to…


of who and what we really are.

This is the Mayor’s house and his sidewalk.


This is the Cotacachi sidewalk ancient in its moss and green that…


Leads to the wonderful La Mirage Spa where…


The sidewalks house frescos.

These are the Cotacachi sidewalks out sdie our hotel Meson de las Flores and they have…


a most interesting tale to tell about Cotacachi.

Meson, (here is the hotel and Cotacachi Museum next door) is on…


Calle Sucre… one of the…


main Cotacachi streets hosting the Cathedral…


and a popular tourist restaurant.


This street is prospering… we are continually full… the restaurat and shops there booming.

The Mayor has declared this a no bus… no truck… small car only street.

He is putting new sidewalks in to attract foot traffic and…


flower planters… plus


plus round sidewalk extension to…


limit traffic.   There is opposition and people have been destroying some of the flower planters…


hoping to impeded this progess.

I doubt that they will.

The towns vision stated at is to transform Cotacachi into a Canton Model characterized by the democratic and active participation of the different organized social sectors, whose planned work and intelligence allow to set the bases to reach the social, economic, cultural, and environmental development, consolidating the feelings of the “cotacacheñidad” and their identity of a multiethnic and pluricultural town.

The sites says: We want to share with all the citizens of Ecuador, multiethnical, and pluricultural world our important experience of participative democracy. The same one that the mestizo, black, and indigenous towns of the Cotacachi canton are building. Since August 10, 1996, it has marked in the country a great difference between the representative democracy and the participative democracy.

The road traveled in the organizational, legal, and political environment has allowed us to advance in the social, cultural, economic and environmental aspect. We have advanced significantly in the human and spiritual environment.
We are facing with responsibility and future vision the problems historically manipulated by the traditional politicians. This process has the recognition of the cotacacheans and the national and international community.

The ideas, dreams, proposals, and projects unite us to the true cotacacheans. They allow us to walk, to fight for the new participative democracy, to build the peace, and to obtain the development with dignity. Making Cotacachi participative, productive, decentralized, and a solidary canton.

Your visit to this Web Site and especially to our Multiethnical and Pluricultural Municipality will remain in our memory forever.

How nice… ideas, dreams, proposals, and projects that unite allow the people to us to walk, and fight for the new participative democracy, that builds  peace, and and development with dignity.

I am all for this and one thing I know as the people of Cotacachi walk and fight for this they’ll be walking on wonderful Cotacachi sidewalks.

They are pretty low tech… but how important… these sidewalks… our pathways of going to and fro.  We do not give them much attention… until they crumble or are not there. Then we’ll miss them. So take heed… Cotacachi sidewalks are good and getting better all the time!    That makes this a nice place to be.


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