Cotacachi Haircut

by | Mar 15, 2009 | Archives

Cotacachi haircuts are great!

“Shave and a haircut… two bits.”  That price is long gone… even in Cotacachi…but the cost of living in Ecuador is so low that Cotacachi haircut prices here are what I used to pay in the mid 1960s in the USA.

When I am in Florida, if I get anywhere near Naples, I’ll travel an extra 50 miles to have Ron, cut my hair. He’s been doing this for me for more than 25 years.

That’s $30 bucks and a good tip. I have not made it to Ron for a year or so. Now it may be more.

In North Carolina, my barber in West Jefferson gives a great cut for $9…plus tip.


In Cotacachi on the main street these two gals have a salon. They must be mothers and there is not day care for them, so the shop is always filled with kids. Noisy, loud and kinda fun.

I get the great haircut. $1.50 plus tip.

Until next message… a shave and a haircut to you.


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