Two Multi Currency Forces

by | Mar 14, 2009 | Multi Currency Investing

In today’s study we can see two multi currency forces confirmed in the press.

Recent lessons have suggested it is wise to do nothing with equities and
to diversify out of the US dollar into:

Danish, Swedish and Norwegian kroner
Canadian dollars
British pounds and gold.

Another New York Times confirms the advice of holding on to your existing equities (assuming they are good value equities and your overall financial position allows this).

The article said:

Dow Soars 379 Points as Investors Find Faint Signs of Hope

Wall Street soared on Tuesday in its biggest rally of the
year after investors found a glimmer of optimism in the
financial sector. The Dow Jones industrial average closed up
379.44 points, or 5.8 percent, at 6,926.49, while the
Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index was up 6.4 percent and the
Nasdaq composite index rose 7.1 percent. The factors fueling
the rally included a memorandum from Citigroup saying that
the bank had been profitable in the first two months of the
year; calls for regulatory reforms from the Federal Reserve
chairman, and the possibility that the government would
reinstate rules governing short sales of stocks.

This article was about a sudden three day rally on Wall Street. This type of sudden rally suggests that the bottom of the correction is near.

Yesterday’s lesson  “Do Nothing Again” explains why it is so important to be holding equities now to catch the recovery spurt.

This recent three day rally also suggests that equities may now offer better value now so adding equities denominated in  Danish, Swedish and Norwegian kroner
Canadian dollars and British pounds may be especially attractive.

Taking advantage of this value to diversify out of the strong US dollar also makes sense. This idea is fortified by  today’s New York Time’s article entitled  “China’s Leader Says He Is ‘Worried’ Over U.S. Treasuries”

The March 13 article by Michael Wines, Keith Bradsher and Mark Landler says:

The Chinese prime minister, Wen Jiabao, spoke in unusually blunt terms on Friday about the “safety” of China’s $1 trillion investment in American government debt, the world’s largest such holding, and urged the Obama administration to offer assurances that the securities would maintain their value.

Speaking ahead of a meeting of finance ministers and bankers this weekend near London to lay the groundwork for next month’s Group of 20 summit meeting of the nations with the 20 largest economies, Mr. Wen said that he was “worried” about China’s holdings of United States Treasury bonds and other debt, and that China was watching economic developments in the United States closely.

As the financial crisis has unfolded, China has become increasingly vocal about what it perceives as Washington’s mismanagement of the global economy and financial system, joining a chorus of foreign critics of unbridled American capitalism. On Thursday, for example, France and Germany rebuffed American calls to coordinate a global stimulus package at the G-20 meeting, saying financial regulation should come first.

This type of article could cause a run on the greenback.

The instability in world currencies also means that we should take a long term view when adding equities to our portfolios now.  Equities may offer good value now, but fear and turmoil could stop sudden recoveries quickly and cold. Beware of up and down motion in markets now.


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This never made much sense to me until visiting our daughter, son in law, grandkids and my 86 year old mother.

Each day I walked out my mom’s front door (she has lived in the same house for 50 years) and enjoyed the view where I grew up.


Mt. Hood…Pancha Mama. Something was gnawing at me…where had she led me? I missed the connection.


The equivalent geometry at Mt, Cotacachi that I now see each day from my Cotacachi front door.

This did not hit me until we took mom to our favorite beach…our
historical escape on Oregon’s coast. This shot as I looked down the
beach made me think about this more.


Because the geometry is so like our beach escape in San Clemente, Ecuador.

Cotacachi fractals

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