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Cotacachi shamanic health is one benefit of visiting us here.

Recent messages have looked at many health benefits in Cotacachi…but here is one of the best. People just feel better here.

I do not know why but I continually get raves like this.

Gary, I felt so good in Cotacachi……now my hip and knees are aching again……I .have had to put the heat on my joints every morning since I got back to Florida.

Delegates and guests report feeling more relaxed…healthier… losing weight and inches.

We saw in a recent message about  Cotacachi hospitals.

Yet many who visit prefer to have natural shamanic health treatments… purification and ceremonies.

Here is a group at one of our shamanic mingos enjoying a shamanic ceremony at an ancient Incan site.


Here is an interesting fact about how shamanic health and Ayrvedic health, the science of life in India are connected.

We have long know that the root of the Aneadn language Quechua is Sanskrit.

Recently I was researching shigra, a seed bags made from the fiber of a plant here called Cabuya (agauve) for an message about  Ecuador shamans and essential oils

Here is a cabuya.


Some of  my findings in my research led me to question the root of this word “shigra”.  I wrote our friend Blaine Watson who knows Sanskrit.

I came across an interesting comment and wrote to Blaine:   “What does word shigra mean in Sanskrit?  It is a seed bag made from fiber of the agauve plant here.

Here I am with a Cotacachi shaman standing in front of a cabuya.


Blaine replied:  The closest I found to this sound is shikara.  Like all Sanskrit words it has a variety of meanings. This one ranges from a type of pointy weapon to a planet, the fibers of which are used for making bows as in bow and arrows or a part of a finger on the hand.  The fibers seem to be a close fit in the context of the seed bag.  The plant referred to in the sanskrit dictionary is Sansevieria Roxburghiana, known as Indian Bowstring Hemp of the family of  Agavaceae  – Century-plant family, Bingo!

We learn something new every day.

Here is a Cotacachi shaman.


This is the Shamana of Zuleta who lives a few miles from Cotacachi and we visit on our shamanic tour.


We will meet all these shamans and shamanas on our June shamanic Mingo.  Join us for this tour.  See below.

June 12-14 Shamanic Mingo Tour

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Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one.  $1,799 for two

Here are some natural health tips from one of our readers.

5 Natural Immune Boosters
That Your Doctor May Have Overlooked

by Curt M Alexander, Pharm.D.

Like many patients I talk to each day, you are probably looking for a natural supplement you can take to boost your immune system during this cold and flu season.

Well, as a pharmacist who specializes in natural therapies I can tell you that there isn’t one. There’s actually dozens of them. But, if you want a combination of safe, effective and inexpensive here are my top 5.

(1)  Acetyl l-carnitine (ALCAR)

One of the reasons I’ve been impressed with this little-known supplement is for it’s immune boosting effects, and also because it was studied in one of the toughest environments possible: HIV.

Why is it so tough? Because HIV patients fighter cells – or CD4 cells – undergo apoptosis, or a programmed cell death. The lower these CD4 numbers get the less defenses patients have to ward off infections.

But supplementing with ALCAR has been shown to slow the cell death and actually increase the number of CD4 fighter cells in the blood.

The studies used minimum doses of 2,000mg a day with very few (if any) side effects.

(2) Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Sure, your doctor may roll his or her eyes and pass this off as some wives tale. But there is plenty of evidence to support it’s use in fighting cold and viruses. Most of it overlooked or shunned by the medical establishment.

Some of the earliest work was done Dr. Frederick Klenner.

He originally became interested in this immune booster when, as a child, his family escaped the great influenza pandemic of 1918 that killed many of their neighbors and 50 million people worldwide. His mother gave every family member a bitter tea to ward off the virus from a plant in the back yard. Later, as a small town doctor, he became interested in what was in this tea.

He discovered that in each glass there was 10,000mg to 30,000mg of natural vitamin C. The government RDA is under 100mg!

He later used megadose vitamin C to treat influenza, fevers, high risk pregnancies and even polio (successfully I might add – although he submitted medical reports and papers to the top journals at the time his work was shoved off as quackery).

Now, many forward thinking physicians are starting to use I.V. vitamin C to even treat various cancers.

I personally take 2,000mg a day of vitamin C during the flu and cold season as a preventative. Should I feel like I’m coming down with something (which is rare compared to my coworkers) I’ll dose every 2 hours (or more) until stomach upset or diarrhea occurs. I’ve taken as much as 35,000mg in one day without any adverse effects. Dr. Klenner and other mega-dose advocates have given 250,000mg a day and up without side effects in serious cases.

And I felt better in a day or two, not weeks like other people who got the same virus.

(3) Garlic

Garlic has gone head to head with some of today’s top antibacterial drugs and held its own. In some cases, it even outperformed them! From run-of-the-mill bacteria all the way up to dreaded Anthrax strains.

So garlic has more than enough evidence to support it’s use.

The problem is eating garlic raw can be tough for a lot of people (and anyone around them).

I personally will cut up raw garlic and sprinkle it on my food. Of course, my wife is a garlic lover too so the odor is not a problem. But if your spouse or coworkers aren’t so tolerant you may want to try one of the many garlic extracts available.

Make sure it contains the active ingredient and immune booster in garlic: allicin. Also, many allicin supplements are of poor quality. This is one of those cases where you generally get what you pay for.

If you are already on an antibiotic you may want to ask your doctor or pharmacist about adding in garlic to boost the effects of the prescription medication. Early evidence seems to indicate that garlic has few drug interactions and may be very beneficial in this regard.

As an added bonus, garlic has not shown to produce antibiotic resistance. In case you’re not familiar, that is one of the biggest drawbacks to prescription antibiotics. So much so that many of our most popular antibiotics (like penicillin and sulfa) are now proving to be worthless to even common bacterial infections.

(4) Vitamin D

It’s no surprise that cold and flu season generally kicks in during winter – when there is less sunlight to be had. And, in turn, your body makes less of the sunshine vitamin: vitamin D.

Research has shown that if you supplement with an extra 2,000 IU (international units) a day it can help you make it through cold and flu season unscathed.

So, where do you get the sunshine vitamin when no sun (or little of it) is to be found? In northern climates I recommend a quality cod liver oil. When spring and summer come back it’s enough to get sensible sun exposure each day.

SIDENOTE: Although it isn’t mentioned a lot, remember that as you increase your vitamin D intake you also increase your body’s need for vitamin A. That is another reason why I recommend a quality cod liver oil as it has adequate amounts of both vitamins.

(5) Stay Sugar Free

Did you know studies have shown that the refined sugar in a couple of cans of soda and the like can lower your white blood cell’s cold-fighting ability by up to 40%?

Not only that, infectious cells need sugar to survive. So, limit the sugar and you limit the havoc these cells can wreak on your body. You’ll also find that it’s easier to maintain a healthy weight by consuming less refined sugars.

By far, the best way to limit sugar in your diet is to limit the amount of processed foods you eat.

Remember: when drug companies want to develop a new drug one of the first places they look is Mother Nature. The 5 natural immune boosters above are some of Mother Natures best and ones I recommend you keep handy this winter.

Author Bio:

Curt M Alexander is a pharmacist and a natural therapy specialist. His website offers more practical information on vitamins supplements, herbals, healthy eating and various natural treatments.

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June 12-14 Shamanic Mingo Tour

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June 16-17 Imbabura Real Estate Tour
June 18-21 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour

Attend any two Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$949 for one.  $1,349 for two.

Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one.  $1,799 for two