Ecuador Rose News

by | Feb 28, 2009 | Archives

There is good and bad Ecuador rose news.

The really good news is that Ecuador roses are truly stunning!


In a minute I’ll show you some great Ecuador property for sale.  First, the Ecuador rose news.

We have roses everywhere in our hotel. In the court yard where we dine.


In the rooms.


In the hallways.


Even in…


our food displays.


Ecuador roses are very reasonably priced.  The freight to the US is the big cost and here comes the bad news.

Two days ago, Roberto Ribadeneira, our flower supplier for Ecuador roses, sent me this note.

Gary I had a meeting with Fedex in which we talked about a freight change and they explained that small boxes of 50 roses are as expensive as big ones. They are raising minimum freight to that of larger boxes.  This changes our final prices a lot. It is the same cost for a box of 50 roses as one that holds 100 roses.  The new prices will be as follow:  50 roses $60.00.  100 roses $90.00 delivered.

This is the bad news about Ecuador roses.

More good news is we’ll keep our policy of charging just $19 more than our cost and donate $20 to help Ecuador’s poor.

Even better news is that you can still order 50 fresh premium Ecuador roses for at a lower  price than anywhere else.

I checked the internet.

1800flowers offers 36 Martha Stewart Roses for $259.00. offers 50 premium roses for $135. offers 50 roses for only $69…plus shipping… $22.94
or a total 91.94. offers 50 roses for $94.99.

So $79 for 50 fresh cut, premium roses, including Fedex overnight delivery, is a great price. Even better, you can order 100 premium roses for only $119 at Fresh Ecuador Roses.

This is still a great value.

We are now accepting Easter rose orders and Ecuador Easter lily orders.

On the subject of value, here is a good value Ecuador property for sale.

Lee Carper, one of Cotacachi’s residents, (Lee has been here about a year)  has been helping delegates find find low end sales and rentals.


Lee found this house near our hotel that has some interesting potential… and nice views.  Meson de las Flores is at the Cathedral… so this shot from the roof shows…

ecuador-fresh-roses how close it is.  Nice views from the ground floor as well.


What makes this house interesting is that it is on two floors… each has a kitchen, dining and…


living areas…plus


Plus bedrooms so it could be converted easily into two apartments.


Yet the asking price is only $62,000. With Ecuador property prices rising, due to increased cost of building material, this represents good value.

Until next message, may your life be filled with flowers and good value!


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