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We have some Galapagos cruise news and other good Galapagos news.

Yesterday’s message shared how Vistazul’s first residents sent this note upon moving into their new home:

Hi, Gary & Merri   Being in our condo is everything Shirley and I were hoping for. Thank you for making us aware that there are great places to live where it’s not cold for months on end  and helping to take the fear out of trying another place to live. Larry & Shirley.

We do not sell real estate and do not earn commissions on real estate sales as we help build communities such as Vistaazul.

However we gain enormous satisfaction and Vistaazul is far from the first worthy project we have helped.   Among other, years ago, I wrote about a Galapagos real estate project.

The project was purchased mainly by our readers and last week I was informed the project has received an ecological award.  Dr. Andres Cordova one of the key people  in this development sent this note:

I have some good news I want to share with you. Our Galapagos project, Santa Cruz Gardens has been granted an Architectural Merit Award by the Municipality of Santa Cruz upon the celebration of 60 years of its Galapagos Governance. This project which was initially presented for the first time in a seminar of your in Hotel Quito several years ago and to great response, has been recognized as perhaps the best example in the Galapagos Islands for sustainable practices and sensible private initiative.

I have some more good news about the Galapagos.  I have been able to make an arrangement for special savings on Galapagos cruises for our readers.

Kjetil Haugan the developer of Vistaazul is also one of the largest cruise operators in Galapagos and he has agreed to give our readers special prices on Galapagos cruises.

At the moment he is offering  the following special deals:

March 14-17: Rate per person USD 1730.00
Normal rate is USD 2230.00 per person

Here is the Athala.


One of the most luxurious Galapagos cruises.


and you save $500…plus


plus an extra 15% if you are an…


Ecuador Living subscriber.

There is also a special on Kjetil’s newest boat the Nina


There is  $1000.00 per person reduction

March 10-17 / 17-24 / 24-31
Rate per person $3390.00
Normal rate is $4390.00 per person

and  $500.00 per person reduction
March 31-07 April / April 14-21 / 21-28 / 28-05 May
Rate per person $3890.00
Normal rate is $4390.00 per person

Plus there is an extra 15% reduction if you are an Ecuador Living subscriber.

That’s more really good news and until next message we hope that all the important news you receive is good for you.


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