Ecuador Holidays

by | Feb 22, 2009 | Archives

The Ecuador holiday season has arrived.

The Ecuador holiday season begins with Carnival… then Ash Wednesday, Lent, Clean Monday… then Easter Sunday beginning fifty days of celebration until Pentecost Sunday.

The Cathedral is the center of life here and our suite at Meson de las Flores is just a few feet away as the crow flies.  I see a lot from up here on the third floor.  Here is a shot I took yesterday morning at dawn.


Carnival is celebrated in different ways all over the world. Some places have wild costume festivals right to get on their last wild time before Lent begins.   In the fact the root of the word “Carnival” is based on the fact that Catholics are not supposed to eat meat during Lent.   Carnevale  means “to put away the meat.”

In Ecuador, Carnival seems to mean “bring on the water” because the tradition here is for children to to bomb one another (and unsuspecting pedestrians) with water balloons.   Sometimes they scratch the balloons and just douse unsuspecting souls by dumping water on them from high distances.

As I emerged from our suite yesterday, it was fun capturing this Carnival tradition in progress.  We have watched two sweet neighbor girls grow up over the past few years. They are real pals with our, hound, Ma.

As I stepped onto the balcony I spotted them in the act.  My trustee Sony pocket cam was in my shirt!

They were…

cotacachi carnival

waiting on the roof of their third story building across from our suite… water in hand… looking left.


cotacachi carnival

looking right.   Then…

cotacachi carnival

looking both ways.  Then…

cotacachi carnival

Oops were caught in the act!   Yeah but…

cotacachi carnival

it’s just fun!

Sometimes when an entire bucket soaks you from above it is hard to remember… the fun…  but after living here for awhile laughter.. rather than anger is the spontaneous  reaction to shock and stress.

This easy, relaxed life is really good news for our readers… their lifestyle and health as well as pocketbook.

First, Larry & Shirley Humphrey wrote:

Hi, Gary & Merri   Being in our condo is everything Shirley and I were hoping for. Thank you for making us aware that there are great places to live where it’s not cold for months on end  and helping to take the fear out of trying another place to live. Larry & Shirley.

We featured Larry and Shirley recently as Vistazul’s first residents and how their $700 a month (total cost with their condo owned free and clear) lifestyle has improved their health.  Here is their condo.


It is really gratifying to see entire communities spring up down here based on Ecuador Living.   13 moths ago we saw this.


Now people are moving into their beach condos. What a party!

We hope you come visit us and see for yourself.


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