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An Ecuador internet business can help you live in this wonderful country if you learn ow to focus your Ecuador business. Merri and I love seeing our delegates move down here and learn how to earn extra income.

We also enjoy seeing so many like minded souls enjoying life together in Ecuador.

How does this happen?

How is it that we have so many people here who enjoy each other so much?

One reader recently sent this note which helps explain why this is so.

Dear Gary and Merri,  The simple Truth “is all about people” and like the song “people who need people” the quality of people you are is exceptionally represented in the transparent way you think, feel, say and do the things that you do!

Needless to say it extends and carries itself out in the people, places and things that you have selected to represent your name and persona. We want to say “WELL-DONE  and express our gratitude by adding up the following:

#1:  Putting out an honest to goodness,well thought-out product line.

#2:  Running organized and stimulating seminars.

#3:  Providing solid,interesting and easy to follow information.

#4:  Filling an important needed necessity in these times of our lives.

#5:  Giving efficient and warm hospitality .

#6. Offering a home away from home.

#7.   To bring super fine people together so they can gain and grow in experience things and non-things.   With great admiration and appreciation.

Like attracts like.  Yet there is more. Our business plan is based around attracting people who get along.  This makes our service much better.  Learning and earning with us is fun as well as profitable!

I explain how we do this in the next lesson of my emailed course  “Tangled Webs – How to Develop a Web Business.”   Here is an excerpt from that upcoming lesson.

The Tangled Webs We Weave…A Web Based Business Course – Lesson Seven

Hemlock and oak whisper nature’s poem along pine scented paths…   Green visions reflected on rushing water shine in a cool morning air.


This is the road that leads to our North Carolina house. Spring, Summer and Autumn, I try to walk it early…  letting nature recalibrate my focus.

In the winter we walk here instead… in Ecuador.


In today’s busy world it is easy to lose touch with who we are and what we are really here for…    I try to let nature remind and rebalance me each day.

One day a walk in North Carolina gave me a good lesson about focus.  There was a screech owl in our barn.   The photos I took depict in pictures what focused search engine optimization is about.

This is a bird’s eye view. Can you see the owl?

Perhaps and you see the whole picture, the rafters the steps, the walls.

But a bird’s eye view requires a complete picture, many dots we can connect.

See the owl better now?

Our fine feathered friend is easier to see. We know him better now.

Can we creep closer?

Yes. This was one brave owl and now we feel like we really know him.

However I decided to take my chances and walk up the steps. This and a zoom lens let us really see “Mr. Wise One”.

We see the color of his eyes and can literally count his feathers.

This is where we often err… paying too much attention to all the details.

Can we now see the wall? Remember those rafters and the steps? Where are they now?

A successful internet business requires seeing both the broad horizons as well as the narrow perspective.

Don’t get too caught up trying to see the trees and miss the forest. Otherwise your business may end up with some nasty surprises.

Lesson five was about the importance of focus. Lesson six was about search engine optimization.  They go together because search engine optimization without focus wastes energy.  Focus is getting the whole business picture together.

Before lesson six I sent homework when I wrote:

Your next Tangled lesson is scheduled shortly and will be about Search Engine Optimization.

First there is some homework to do.

Please read my recent Gary Scott message at

Then search Google with the phrase
“Ecuador Business Ideas”

Click on the top ranked messages for that phrase… looking for or or  All of these are my sites.

When I sent this message, my websites ranked #2 through 5 on Google with being ranked #5.

By the time readers received the message, the number 5 ranking had already dropped off Google’s first page.

The first lesson gained  is that some good rankings only appear for a short while.  Sometimes a page you post loses its good ranking quickly.

However today, three days later, I checked the phrase “Ecuador Business Ideas” again and had a pleasant surprise.

Here is how the pages ranked.

Ecuador Travel Tips & Business Ideas – February 2009
During the Ecuador Import Export Tour, we’ll share many ideas on how to develop sales of products globally through your own internet business. … – 20k – Cached – Similar pages –

Ecuador Business Passion
30 Jan 2009 … We review economic conditions, Ecuador real estate, my entire portfolio plus investing and business ideas for the months ahead. Feb. … – 22k – Cached – Similar pages –
More results from »

Ecuador Real Estate for international business strategies. Ecuador Real Estate Archives and Free Report. International Marketing Ideas Import/Export … – 28k – Cached – Similar pages –

Why the change? Why did my most recent article come back to a high ranking.

I have no idea so…

the second lesson we gain is that some good rankings only appear for a short while.  Someone else’s  good rankings appear, then fall and your post gets its good ranking back.

Here is another lesson we can gain from viewing these rankings.

The ranking  I was after was for the phrase “Ecuador Travel Tips.”  Knowing that this was a pretty competitive phrase, I just added in the “business ideas”.

Sometimes we get lucky because in retrospect, for our business, the phrase “Ecuador Business Ideas” is better focused than the phrase “Ecuador Travel Tips”.

I thought about this and concluded,  “all the headlines I use and the articles I write for these rankings are heavily focused towards what I know my readers are interested in…”

My readers are mainly interested in Ecuador business, Ecuador real estate, Ecuador investing, Ecuador import-export and Ecuador living….not Ecuador tourism. My readers have an interest in Ecuador business so have an interest in Ecuador travel but most people with an interest in Ecuador travel are not interested in Ecuador business or living or investing.

The phrase “Ecuador Travel” will attract more readers but most will be tourists… who would write and waste time… theirs and mine… because I can not serve them well.

Correct focus is the key… quality of visits not quantity!

Until next lesson may all your focus be good.


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