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A business intuitive can be a useful when ideas are needed that are beyond reason.

Reason…as defined by the mind set of the society in which we live…does not always make sense.  One of the most enlightening understandings gained from 40 years of global travel is that every society has a different definition of “reasonable”.

It is fascinating that entire societies place great importance on some thing or some thought that other societies do not think of, or even know, at all.

This fact is import because clear vision in business and investing can be hard to attain unless we escape the mind sets that surround us. This is vital for fighting inflation by spotting distortions in real estate, commodities or shares.

We need to make sure that we always exercise the three Cs…Caution, Clarity and Comprehensive view.

This comprehensive view is especially important…yet hard…because distortions, by their nature, are caused by the majority being wrong.

Investing in distortions is buying when everyone wants to sell. This requires Two Addtiional Cs, Confidence and Courage.

Distortion investing requires a broader horizon to see what everyone around you does not.

Where can we get this view that goes beyond the common logic?

Merri and I have armory of tools to help us see beyond logic.

For small immediate decisions we use muscle testing and at times a pendulum.

I also use astrology because once I read an article about Aristotle Onassis, the ultra rich Greek shipping magnate. He gave the secret of being a billionaire that helped me look beyond my logic.

“Certainly one does not need an astrologist to become a millionaire.” Then he quickly added that “to become a billionaire, it is essential.”

Onassis’ statement struck a chord with me so I have continually looked for ways to attain access to our deeper thoughts…the base of our real wisdom.

Merri and I have found that escaping the tyranny of reason helps us greatly
when faced with questions that cannot be humanly answered.

For example we use astrology. When our youngest daughter graduated from university she asked “Should I go for a career in singing or go on and get a teacher’s certificate in Physical Education?” (She is a superb athlete as well as an aspiring singer.)

We all agreed that becoming a singer is a long shot. Teaching is safe. But we knew that her passion was to shoot for being a star. So how would she feel in later life if she didn’t try?

Our Vedic astrologer checked her chart. She had just moved into a cycle for performing and entertaining that would be good. That was enough to convince us. “Go for it,” we encouraged her.

Within a week she was picked as a backup singer with a huge singing group.
Her first gig was before 4,000 fans! In the ensuing year she was able to meet many of her rock star heroes as work associates.

This led her into buying a dancing-singing-drama school and by her second year (age 25) she was earning a six figure income.

Had we traveled the path of logic she would be a PE teacher…a good fulfilling job but not her true path. Her success has been beyond logic!

We all have to make some decisions based on events we cannot totally predict.

And this brings us to how else we use great information gathering assets..and that is a professional business intuitive.

Susan Stanton Rotman is her name.


She is from Boston and consults with businesses and individuals using her clairvoyance and other psychic abilities combined with her rational skills to help people and businesses with decision making and navigation.

Susan does not really like the word psychic (nor do Merri or I) as a lot of the information she comes up with does not just pop out of the air. She has a strong educational, legal and business background. Susan originally trained as an corporate attorney and mediator.

Susan is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Georgetown University, having received a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service in 1977, cum laude, and graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 1981.

She practiced law for many years and has extensive experience representing both individual and corporate clients.

She owned her own retail jewelry and is a recognized expert in pearls.

She also has a broad background in esoteric and metaphysical studies, spirituality, and personal and family development practices.

She had been aware of her intuitive sensitivity at a very early age and is clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognisant, but decided to practice law. However after years in corporate law, she found she could not ignore this gift so began working as a professional intuitive in 1991.

As a professional intuitive, she consults with businesses and individuals using both her clairvoyance and other psychic abilities combined with her rational skills to help people and businesses with decision making and navigation.

Susan works with individuals, groups and businesses in accessing and developing intuitive knowing and integrating it with logical thought for informed, balanced and purposeful decision-making. When working with clients, Susan provides vision as well as strategic direction for implementing positive and desired change. She blends practical information and personal or business advice together with spiritual insight into many aspects of the individual and his or her soul and life purpose. She helps clients identify their unique gifts, skills, and goals and how to refine and implement these into action in a way that is fulfilling and harmonious. Clients consistently describe Susan’s work as inspirational and transformative, often expressing a tangible sense of healing presence.

In Merri’s and my first meeting with her, it became obvious that she was picking up on information that she could not know from any direct logical way. I won’t go into details but will say that though I am quite hard nosed in my judgment of intuitives, in this instance we were both quickly convinced.

Though she recorded our entire session, I like written notes. Here are the non specific notes I made from my conversation with her.

“Light shines through many windows.”

“You can see most clearly when sediment drops. Too much thought stirs up the mud. Don’t magnify.

“Slow down so you don’t miss what is important.

“Magic can be a diversion that disables and blinds one to oneself.

“Look for concrete implementation of the truth.”

These may seem like very broad aphorisms, but they directly helped us make some reasonably urgent and large decisions. She did continue in that session to point out legal as well as business opportunities in the direction that we had not considered for ourselves.

I have introduced Susan to numerous readers and all have sent me raves and you can reach her at

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