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What do Ecuador shamans & truth have to do with business and investing?

When you attend Merri’s and my courses and tours… Watch Out!

Thinking about truth in the Ecuadorian shamanic method can lead you in directions and ways you’ll not expect.

Many years ago, Merri and I bought the  950+ acre hacienda Rosapamba deep in the Andes. We lived there and studied with Ecuador shamans.

Here is the road to Rosaspamba, Ecuador where the shamans lived.


That’s the good part of the road.  Then it ends in little less than a trail.


Our home was even more remote…down that trail to this point.


We had moved from a million dollar house in Naples, Florida to this shack.  Not logical in business terms.  Did it make us…


happy?  Giddy is a better word perhaps.  As you’ll see it also led us to a fortune… a most logical investing and business decision that came… in a most illogical way.

This land is smoky with clouds… a primary forest shrouded in mystery… energy… life and nature’s beautiful way.


The Ecuadorian shaman would take us for walks on these paths.  As the trails narrowed… the cliffs became steep.  Then he would say…


“Look ahead… close your eyes and walk. Trust the path. You know where to go. Your eyes blind your vision.

So we would wind our way…


along the cliffs… not seeing… but feeling where we were headed instead and knowing that the path was correct.

Let me see if I can express in words this process that cannot really be expressed… because without want or need… following paths we could not see but knew were there, led us to happiness, fulfillment but also incredible  financial success.

In a year when businesses were dying like flies our business rose 52%. During this  downturn when many investors lost half their savings or more… our wealth was up… without any special attempt to make this so.

Luck?  Perhaps… except this is not the first time… by closing our eyes and following how we felt… rather than what we saw, we have stumbled on pots of gold while trying to do something else.

Here is a story we do not often share but it shows how Merri and I got together because of a hunch.

This story dates back to the early 80s. Merri and I had met but did not know one another all that well. We were in Las Vegas with a mutual friend who had introduced us.

We were all sitting round chatting one evening when Merri suddenly had a hunch and said, “I think you would be good at psychometry.”

“Great”, I said. “What’s Psychometry?”

Psychometry it turned out is a form of communication using the sense of touch to get mental impressions linked to objects. She had a silver doubloon with her that had come from Mel Fisher’s Atocha treasure. I was game and said “Let’s try it”.

The idea is that psychometric impressions come in the form of emotions, sounds, scents, tastes or images. Because we live in an electromagnetic energy environment, metal objects often work best.

The term was coined in 1842 by Joseph R. Buchanan, an American physiologist, who claimed it could be used to measure the ‘soul’ of all things. Buchanan further said that the past is entombed in the present. He experimented with students at Cincinnati Medical School and found that some people who had been given unmarked bottles of medicine had the same reaction as if they had taken the medicine. He developed the theory that all things give off an emanation which contained a sort of record of the history of the object. He believed that objects recorded senses and emotions and these could be sensed in the mind.

I did not know this at the time but was game so held the coin and must say that as I went into a meditative state I did start having some visions. First I saw a brilliant blue..unusual for me as I never dream in color.  I was late told that the Atocha was carrying indigo but this did not really impress me much.

Then I saw a man, obviously Spanish in one of those puffy, white silk shirts with a women in a very unusual hairdo…”like peacock feathers”. Then I saw a sword, very specific, a wine flask wrapped in filigree silver, a huge belt buckle on the man and the vision ended up with flames, I said that were “like sheaths of wheat”.

That was that. I was not really impressed. Big deal…who was the guy, the gal? What’s all this word stuff. Ho Hum.

Later that evening with a friend (who had faithfully sat through this) we were invited to dinner, typical Las Vegas fare. After dinner our mutual friend suggested we stop by a show called Circus Circus. I had never been to a Vegas show so “Why not?” Sounds like fun”.

As we entered, a new act was just beginning and then the show started. It was the woman I had described. Merri and our mutual friend had heard my description so they were impressed with the similarity. I was stunned because this was not a similarity. This was the woman I had seen hours before in my dream. She introduced the act, a juggler who came out, the Spanish guy in the silk shirt with the belt buckle! My knees were now wobbly.

The act included juggling the swords I had described and balancing the wine flask I had seen. In the end my friend said, “Well, if I see the sheaths of flame I am convinced!”

Sure enough the end of the finale included an assistant who was lighting huge Bunsen burners and jumping through the sheaths of flame as he juggled away.

Somehow, and I have never been able to explain this, holding that coin allowed me to see the future, not the past. I have never tried psychometry again nor do I intend to. Yet that evening was a life changing event because it showed me in terms I could not deny nor will ever forget that we are connected to knowledge and information that reaches way beyond our sense and logic.

That moment gave Merri and me confidence that hunches are more than wild imagination.

They are a form of communication that go beyond what our brain can sort out in finite terms. A seed of belief was planted, those many years ago, that has grown as we have cultivated it with trial, error and experience.

We have made small fortunes again and again in this way.  Once we bought Jyske bank shares based on this hunch. See how we earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We bought Meson de las Flores in Ecuador on a hunch.  We bought a block of condos after exchanging a 15 second glance.  Again and again we have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars based on “illogical” hunches.

So the next time you need a miracle…do not deny that one can happen. The next time you have done your due diligence and some small niggling idea reaches you, act on it. This does not mean you should stop working nor that you should quit using due diligence. The idea is to fuse the intellect and intuition, not abandon nor honor one over the other. They work best as a team!

Nor does it mean you should go out and risk all on a hunch.

Start small… all things should start small and grow.

Nor does it mean you will not have to work. Often the hunches have led us to incredible amounts of labor.

You possess connections to infinite knowledge. Your mind cannot grapple this because the act of defining defeats the very thing you are connected to. However, if you let go and let your intuition lead you, you too may have some wonderful surprises and luck that after awhile will not be surprising at all!

For example, our Ecuador business is absolutely booming.  Our hotel is fully booked again and again. We are swamped here… lucky in this slow economy.  Our Ecuador real estate  is way up.   We finished a series of three seminars yesterday. We had everyone here day and night for nine days. We have not quite two weeks off and then have over for 18 days. 

The Ecuador business is pouring in and yet we are about to begin offering you another focus on small town USA.

Let me outline the crazy illogical reason why.

First, when we were in Florida on our way down here,  I saw real estate prices that are real bargains…maybe even better than here.  We were so impressed with Florida real estate that we hired our daughter, Cheri, part time to take a look.

But that would not have been enough.  We are early in early out people but Ecuador’s cost of living is still so much lower… life so much simpler… business is so good.

Then came the chain of illogical events.

Susan Rotman, our business psychic consultant, sent an electronic card… all about US patriotic songs and sights.  See the card here.

This card is very patriotic… very not Merri and me.  Susan knew it as well.

Okay what’s this about?” I emailed her.

She replied:  “Interesting–I woke up yesterday morning from having a dream about you and Merri.  As delightful as you both are, I have never dreamed about you before!  And it was from that I was moved to send you the card“.

We called and asked for a consultation.   During our talk, she said she dislikes Florida but saw us spending time there.  That was clue #1.

Then Jyske Global Asset Management started up its seminar business and wanted us as partner… in Florida.  They chose the hotel for the first seminar… The Beach Club where Merri and I  had our first seminar ever. We start there May. Clue #2.

Then we met up with our astrologer, Blaine Watson, and saw in our chart that a change was in the making as well. Clue #3.

I realized that this is 14th year in Ecuador…7 years spiritual. 7 years business. We
change every 7 years.  See more on this here. Clue #4.

Then whatever you wish to call it (intuition, fate, God, Guardian Angel) started hammering me with a series of events.  Part of  my astrological reading suggests that the years ahead will see a larger audience through writing.

Merri has been saying for the last year, “It’s time for you to write another book”. I have been resisting. “Too busy…doing what we’re doing,” I kept thinking.

In our February 2009 course three people showed up with my old books.  The first had my novel, the 65th Octave, and said, “I did not even realize at first that you were the same Gary Scott who wrote that book. I bought it years ago in a Houston health food store. When are you going to write another book?”

The next delegate had a 65th copy as well. She told me how she had purchased it used from someone else in her city and asked me to autograph it.  “When is the sequel coming?”, she asked.

The third delegate, an Australian showed up with a 30 year old copy of the first book I ever wrote, “Passport to International Profit.” A pilot gave it to him years ago wen he was a steward on Qantas Airlines.  He asked me to autograph it and inquired, “When’s the next coming?”

Okay, I give up.  Never in decades has even one delegate arrived at my course with one of my books.  This one course had  three!  Clue #5.

Enough. Enough. I get the point and we’ll be heading to smalltown USA to look around and to report in.   We want to help those of you who want to have a simpler life but perhaps don’t want to live in another country.  We always want to be of service.

For totally illogical non linear reasons we see this as a time to make some changes… walking the path… our eyes closed… feeling our way… following the vision as it presents itself.  This is adventure and the outcome will be interesting to see.

During times like the present, the economic turmoil creates extra  potential for great wealth… satisfaction… fulfillment…happiness… joy growth… IF we can stop looking and use our inner vision.  This is a time of change and the old ways will no longer work.   We need insight and vision to guide us because the best ways ahead have not been seen before.

During this time, we look forward to helping our readers use the natural gifts within to integrate the deepest levels of intelligence as Ecuador shamans do.

Until next message, may all of your surprises and luck bring richness to you.

This era for us is the third of three circles where ideas of the Eagle (mind) and Condor (heart) can be brought together.  We look forward to sharing them with you.


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