Ecuador Travel Tips & Business Ideas – February 2009

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Here are some Ecuador travel tips and business ideas.

One of the messages last week looked at the fact that American Airlines did not provide meal selections from Quito.

We received some feed back on this.  One reader shared:

Gary..Merri,  Anyone can get a vegetarian meal on Continental..first class or coach…plus Continental does not charge for meals, pillows, blankets.  I always fly on Continental to Quito.  You must place the special request for a vegan meal 24 hours prior to departure. Maggie

We can see that American Airlines is also more expensive now.

I tested fares at for a Miami to Quito return flight coming down March 2 returning March 20.    The American fare is $594. Lan Airlines is only $497 for the same flight.

Lan also leaves and arrives 40 minutes earlier….a benefit in  my mind as the Lan flight gets in at 9:10pm and the American flight 9:50.

Merri and I fly whenever we can on Delta via Atlanta.

Delta has the only non stop Atlanta to Quito flight. The flight leaves at 5:30pm and gets in at 10:50 at night.  The return flight leaves Quito at  8:30am and reaches Atlanta at 2:52 in the afternoon. Check early though as Delta  has not been flying this route every day.

Atlanta costs more and Delta costs even more, $948 for the round trip Atlanta Quito flight for the March 2 to 20.   You can get a one stop fare from Atlanta (same dates) for  $808 and a two stop fare from Atlanta at $668.

There are three non stop gateways to Quito from the US, Miami, Houston and Atlanta.  The airlines that fly direct to Quito from the US are Delta, Continental, American Airlines and Lan.

Many readers on the US West coast come down via Panama City on Copa or San Jose Costa Rica on Taca and or Lacsa.

One Ecuador travel tip is that we never board at any of  three big, busy crowded airports.

If we are in Florida we start our journey in Tampa.

If in North Carolina we begin in Tri Cities Tennessee.  This pushes the cost up a bit, The Tri Cities fare is $1,152 on Delta for the dates mention above versus $948… but the extra ease is worth it to us.  Check in is so easy…thirty minutes at most…no long lines, friendly people.   You can park right in front of the airport to unload. Sometimes the security guard helps us bring in our luggage!  Parking is a short walk away and costs only $8 a day.    These are one of the benefits to smalltown USA.

If you are flying to Quito to attend our courses, we have our staff meet course delegates who arrive the day before the course or tour.  If you arrive at a different time we can help you first night accommodations in Quito.  We recommend the Radisson Hotel in Quito depending on room availability. We send them a lot of business and because we do not take any travel agent commissions we can normally get about a 50% reduction for you on the room rate (that reduces the room to $50 to $75).  The Radisson will send a van to take you to their hotel (about ten minutes from the airport).  See

We bring delegates in a group to the course destination in Cotacachi (two hour trip) from the Radisson on the day before the course.

The original airport greeting and all group transportation is included in the course or tour fee.

Our March schedule is:

March 3-6. I’ll be speaking at International Living’s Ultimate Event in Quito.

March 7. Merri and I conduct a “Follow the Otavalo Export Trail” one day tour for International Living with lunch at Meson de las Flores.

March 8-9 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

March 10-15 Ecuador Import Export Expedition

March 16-19 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour

During the Ecuador Import Export Tour, we’ll share many ideas on how to develop sales of products globally through your own internet business.

We are have a new internet course, Tangled Web – How to have a Web Based Business – and we’ll teach ideas from that course at the March 10- 15 import export seminar.

Here is an excerpt from Lesson six of this course which we are releasing this week.

One way we attract these like minded clients is through search engine optimization.   Let’s see an example at the web page where these pictures were shown. Study that page here.

First note the title “Multi Currency Predictions Feb. 2009.”

Multi currency is a search phrase I try to continually rank at Google.

Note the date in the title.  I believe that freshness of a title helps a message rank.

Next note in the initial text, I use the phrase  multi currency and related words several times.

“We made several multi currency predictions at our February 2009 International Investing & Business Course in Cotacachi, Ecuador. The investing and business portion concluded yesterday. We are now inspecting Ecuador property.

We used many approaches to process information about how markets and economies might move. We viewed currencies at the technical level and saw that Jyske Global Asset Management (JGAM) had closed their British pound recommendation.”

The aim is to let the search engine as well as my reader know what this message was about… multi currency investments and business.

Also if you look the names of the photos you’ll see that each is named…”multi-currency-predictions”… a little extra reminder to the search engine.

This worked.  The day the message was posted, I searched Google for the phrase “multi currency predictions”.

Here was the results:

Search Results- 10k – Cached – Similar pages

#3: Multi Currency Predictions Feb. 2009
16 Feb 2009 … We made several multi currency predictions at our February 2009 International Investing & Business Course in Cotacachi, Ecuador. … – 7 hours ago – Similar pages

#4: Multi-currency-predictions on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
16 Feb 2009 … Multi-currency-predictions. Multi-currency-predictions by GaryAScott. Dsc02927. Jpg. To take full advantage of Flickr, you should use a … – 7 hours ago – Similar pages

In other words at Google we ranked #3 & #4  for that phrase.

Then note how the message itself (this is the Presentation) not only touched on multi currency investing but looked at Ecuador and the organic food and wine and the dance and fun.

This is written this way because I know that those interested in multi currency investing are also likely to be interested in these other aspects of life.

Good search engine optimization comes from attention to the 7 Ps of a small business.  Passion, Problem, Profitably priced product, Person, Pathways to prospects, Promise,  Presentation.  Make sure there is a thread of integrity that flows all the way through the 7 Ps of your business.

Until next message good global income earning ability to you.


Join us in Cotacachi and on Ecuador Coast in March.

Merri, our webmaster and I have created our Tangled Web course  to help readers learn how to earn around the world.  Here is a special offer on this new course.

You can enroll in this special course for $299. However if you sign up for our three courses in March 2009, I will send it to you free. You save $299.

March 8-9 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

March 10-15 Ecuador Import Export Expedition

March 16-19 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour

Bob Shane will be at our March courses and will be available to provide health balancing.

Get our web based course FREE if you join us in Ecuador this February or March.

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Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one.  $1,799 for two

Future 2009 courses

May 29-31  JGAM Global Asset Strategy Seminar

June 12-14 Shamanic Mingo Tour
June 16-17 Imbabura Real Estate Tour
June 18-21 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour

July 3-6     Ecuador Import Export Expedition
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