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Here is more news on the Jyske Global Asset Management Seminar on May 29 through 31.

If you are a paid subscriber to one of our courses, please enroll here for free attendance and save $499 or $750.

In a moment I’ll share some currency predictions and information, good and bad, about Ecuador dentists.  First more on Jyske’s seminar.

Thomas Fischer just sent me this note.

Hi Gary,  I have spoken with the hotel you recommended  (Naples Beach Hotel) and they have offered me a rate of $159 excluding taxes so this is where we will have the seminar.

At the moment I have the following confirmed speakers:

Michael Checkan
Joe Cox
John Mauldin

We will have four of our own people and perhaps a couple more.

Also as of today we can accept IRA and 401K’s at JGAM. We will create 3 new portfolios (low-medium-high risk) taking into account that tax is not an issue.

Here are the details:

Jyske Global Asset Management & Gary Scott  Invites you to participate in our Florida spring Investment Seminar

When: 29-31 of May 2009

Where: The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Resort
851 Gulf Shore Blvd North
Naples, FL 34102

Seminar Details:

DAY 1 MAY 29th
•    Evening Cocktail party

DAY 2 MAY 30th
•    All day presentations with scheduled breaks
•    Dinner

DAY 3 MAY 31st
•    Half day presentations
•    Lunch and Farewell until next time.

Price: $499. ($750 for a couple)

If you are a paid subscriber to one of our courses, please enroll here for free attendance and save $499 or $750.

Accommodation is to be settled directly with the seminar hotel.  Corporate rate for guests staying at the seminar hotel The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Resort is $159.00 plus taxes. Please book directly with the hotel using the group name “Jyske Global Asset Management”  Reservations: 1-800-237-7600

Registration:    Please contact your Portfolio Manager or Thomas Fischer via email fischer@jgam.com tel. +1 866-602 –5426 (free-call).

If you are a paid subscriber to one of our courses, please enroll here for free attendance and save $499 or $750.

Merri and I feel privileged to participate in this course and I want to mention the quality of the other speakers. I am really tickled to know each of these speakers so well.   This allows me to state with confidence that the data shared at this seminar will be really powerful.

John Mauldin: John is President of Millennium Wave Securities, LLC, an FINRA registered broker-dealer.  I have known and worked with John Mauldin for more than 20 years.  John came from a publishing background and specialized in finding money managers for his clients, with an emphasis upon hedge funds and alternative managers.  As an afterthought, in late 2000, he put his newsletter on the internet, starting with a thousand or so readers. It has grown to the point where today, his publisher sends the letter to over one and a half million readers each week. Compare this to my readership of 15,000 readers!

Michael Checken: Michael Checkan is President of Asset Strategies International, Inc. and I have known him even longer than John as he specializes in precious metals, foreign currencies, and overseas wealth protection.

I forst knew Michael when he was a Vice President at the Deak-Perera Group whihc in the 1970s was the nation’s oldest and largest foreign currency and precious metal investment firm.  Earlier, Michael was one of the first foreign exchange traders in the international department of one of Washington, D.C.’s largest bank.

Michael and his partners are editors of a newsletter that reaches 16,500 readers globally.  Michael is frequently quoted on TV.

Joe Cox: Joe has been my freind and attorney for more years than I care to remember.  He specializes in estate planning, insurance, trusts and taxation. He received a Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa School of Law, and a Master of Laws in Estate Planning from the University of Miami, School of Law. Joe is Board Certified in Estate Planning and Administration and in Taxation by the Florida Bar.

In addition to the Board Certifications, Joe is a Fellow in the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel. He is a member of the American and Florida Bar Associations, and is admitted to the Federal Appellate Courts and the United States Tax Court. Joe is a frequent speaker on tax planning topics such as income taxes, insurance trusts, irrevocable trusts and offshore asset protection trusts. He has also written articles and books concerning income tax and irrevocable trusts.

Joe is listed in Who’s Who in America and Who ‘s Who in American Law. Chosen by Florida Trend Magazine as one of the top 1.6% of lawyers in Florida and one of the top 34 Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning lawyers. Chosen by Worth Magazine to be one of the top 100 attorneys in the Nation.

Among his community commitments, Joe has served many organizations in a leadership position. These include: Naples Community Hospital, Community Foundation of Collier County, YMCA of Collier County, Community School of Naples, Alzheimer’s Association, Forum Club, Senior Friendship Centers, Inc. He was named the Child Advocate of the Year.

To attend, please contact your Jyske Portfolio Manager or Thomas Fischer via email fischer@jgam.com tel. +1 866-602 –5426 (free-call).

If you are a paid subscriber to one of our courses, please enroll here for free attendance and save $499 or $750.

Onto currency predictions.

A recent multi currency lesson looked at why the Danish kroner offers special potential now in early February 2009.  Here is an excerpt from this Multi Currency Lesson:

Here is January 29 2009 data  from the Economist Magazine statistics section.  You can see it all at the Economist at Trade, exchange rates, budget balance and interest rates.

This information indicates a distortion about an undervalued Danish kroner.

I am looking for long term value… not immediate trends on where the currency will move today or in the near future.


First I look at the interest rate. This is the fundamental factor that has the most immediate impact on currency strength.

Here we see that the Danish kroner for example has a very high interest rate compared to most of the major currencies…especially the euro.  Denmark’s short term interest is 4.50% versus 0.27% for the US dollar and 2.12% for the euro.

The kroner thus looks like good value.  The Danish kroner has higher interest…  a balanced budget…  and positive trade and current account balances… plus it has been falling versus the dollar.

This is what I look for…  value… a currency that is down when all its fundamentals are up.

This lesson shows why the Danish kroner may offer special opportunity now and you can read the entire lesson as a Multi Currency subscriber.

I will be speaking about currency distortions at the May Jyske course.  For more information please contact your Portfolio Manager or Thomas Fischer via email fischer@jgam.com tel. +1 866-602 –5426 (free-call).

If you are a paid subscriber to one of our courses, please enroll here for free attendance and save $499 or $750.

Ecuador Dentists. Here is an excerpt from an upcoming Ecuador Living Update.

Ecuador dentists can save fortunes. A guest who was at our hotel for nearly a month left last week saying his dental bill that was quoted as $13,000 in Canada,  came to $1,700 here.

Cotacachi and surrounds now  has four dentists that our readers have used. Three offer laser dentistry. One is US trained and speaks perfect English.

Merri and I love laser dentists.  They are so fast…and pain free.   We do not even use any anesthesia.

So why are there so few laser dentists in North America?   There are around 150,000 dentists in the US yet it is estimated that more than 95 percent do not offer laser dentistry.

Why?  According to WebMD:

Lasers have been used in dentistry since 1994 to treat a number of dental problems. But, despite FDA approval, no laser system has received the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. That seal assures dentists that the product or device meets ADA standards of safety and efficacy, among other things. The ADA, however, states that it is cautiously optimistic about the role of laser technology in the field of dentistry.


One excuse I have been given is that Laser treatment tends to be more expensive since the cost of the laser is much higher than a dental drill. Lasers according toe Web MD can cost between $39,000 and $45,000 compared to about $600 for a standard drill.

So how do Ecuadorian dentists who charge a tenth that of US prices afford them?

Hmmm.  I am suspicious that someone is making money keeping laser dentistry away from North America.

However not everyone has had such a good impression. Here are two negative comments we received about one of the dentists, Dr. Proano in Ibarra.

Hi Gary, I have to comment on this particular dentist.  I went there with a friend when he had his mercury filling replaced.  I planned to promote him with my photos, but decided against it because he did not take the precautions necessary to protect the body from reabsorbing the mercury when the fillings were removed.  Also, when he x-rayed my friend’s mouth, there was no lead barrier anywhere in the office and the x-ray machine was pointed straight at his secretary.  The doctor was nice enough, but on the basis of what I saw, I could not recommend him.

Merri and I have used this dentist for cleaning and Merri had a tooth pulled. We were happy. But another reader was not and wrote:

Gary, we always enjoy receiving your newsy newsletters and they make us homesick for Ecuador and Cotacachi.  We were hoping to get back this coming month in February, but unable to make it this time,  I would like to give you some feedback on my experience with Dr. Proano the dentist.

When I came back to Ecuador last May to take the Import/Export course, I also booked some dental sessions with Dr. Proano.  I had an area in my upper back molars that needed attention.  He did a brief examination, without xrays, and said that I needed a crown to be replaced which had broken.  I saw him approximately 4 times with each session lasting about 15 to 20 minutes each which included getting imprints to have a new crown made.  Having had a lot of crown work done previously, I wondered why he did not take an xray, and also once he removed the old crown there was very little preparatory work done to clean out any possible decay that could be setting in.  The new crown was put in, and I happily paid his fee which was very reasonable, and came home.

About 2 months ago I began to get problems in the same area again.  I went to my dentist here in Sydney; she took an xray and found that one tooth had to be extracted (as I refused to have a root canal–due to the health effects), and next to that tooth was the one that Dr. Prano worked on which showed decay around the new crown.  So, I guess what I am saying, in trying to save a few dollars, I must have all of his work redone plus more, which in the end would have ended up being cheaper if I had it done here in Australia in the first place.  Sorry for bringing this to your attention, but I think you should know the outcome. My best greetings to you and Merri.

I am pleased this reader did share this problem. Our goal is to help readers get all the facts… not just the good news.

The upcoming update lists four Ecuador dentists we have used and had good comments on. You can receive this as an Ecuador Living subscriber.

Until next message, good global investing.


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