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A lot of the food in Cotacachi is health food… in a natural way.


This is not to say that all the food in Cotacachi is organic.  Many farmers use chemicals. What you can say and can see from this local Cotacachi food market… is that most of the food is local and fresh.

The fruits and vegetables you buy each day were just picked.  Plus you can buy it from the farmers who grew it!

The mission statement of our business is to provide interesting, useful information about ways to invest, do business and live globally  (especially in Ecuador) that helps improve our reader’s lives.

Yet there is an overlaying focus on how to attain better health… naturally… because… what good is money… or a successful business… if you are dead… or suffering poor health… pain… or spending all your hard earned cash on hospitals and pharmaceuticals?

Good health is a pillar… an underlying foundation… an essential ingredient that affects every aspect of  investing, business and life.

Yet the health system in North America is imbalanced.

Former Secratary of State Colin Powell has invested, along with Steve Case, the founder of AOL in a company (Revolution Health Group) with a mission to give the people more choice of  health care options and reduce health care costs.

The business is built around a portal site that provides members with data on health care price and quality, as well as information on medical conditions, diet, exercise and medications, with an emphasis on preventive health care.

Powell often says: There’s no part of American life right now that is more in need of imagination and new ideas than health care.

I agree. This is why we work to assure that the Cotacachi food we serve helps mprove health.

One can reduce health care costs autometically with good  eatingbecause nutrition is such an mportant part of the good health balance.

Our efforts seem to work.   Merri and I certainly enjoy good health, vitality and energy eating in Cotacachi.

Guests who visit our hotel, Meson de las Flores, report that they feel better, lose weight and inches without trying.

This is not a nutritional mystery.   The Cotacachi diet eliminates junk food.

Cotacachi health food is just what one should eat rather than fast and highly processed food.

For example at the coffee breaks during our seminars the hotel serves juice instead of caffinated, carbonated beverages.

Here is one of Eduardo’s specialties… fresh mango and alfalfa juice… with gooseberries.  This is absolutely delicious… and things do not go better with Coke! Fresh juice is healthier.


Here are some typical breaks that these delegates at a recent Cotacachi International Business and Investing Course enjoyed.


Quinoa jello.


Fresh non fermented cheese and quinoa bread.


Fresh squeesed mango juice and blackberries.


The fact the food is served by sweet,  caring people, with real smiles and laughter, also helps us feel better.


Here is our Maitre’d Euardo with his helper Jose.

Eduardo hand squeezes the juices each morning. He also makes the butter from local cream.


He even inspected the local dairies to see which had the richest grass.   There is an organic cheese factory nearby also that makes its own Swiss cheese.  For those who like wine the owner of the cheese factory also runs an Organic Vineyard nearby.


If you want to really know your food source, you can visit and watch these cows being milked.


Eduardo also hand makes the mornng breakfast marmalade… offering some wonders… mango… papaya… pineapple… blackberry… even carrot and beet marmalade which are really delicious.

The farm land in the area is rich.


Even the murals in town depict that this is a place where stuff grows!  Here is a shot of a mural over our local Cotacachi grocery store.


The staff bring in the produce… vegetables and fruit almost daily.  Here is Consuelo.. our food server.. bringing in greens for one of the regular delicious soups.


Hotel Manager Franklin looks after the food as well.


Santiago, our chef, specializes in high protein meals replacing rice with quninoa…the complete protein Andean grain.  Here is Santiago in the bodega going through the vegetables of the day.


With the help of sous chef Alerto… they generate some incredible meals like this quinoa shrmp and avacado dish.


Here is Alberto making one of his great soups.


Lunch is served with a different soup every day …


then a main course with fish, meat or fresh cheese (for vegetarians) along with vegetables and salad, makes the main course.

Attention is given to every aspect of the meal…even condiments. No catsup here! Instead Eduardo makes a special tomato sauce served like this.


Even desert gets special, personal attention.  Here is Eduardo hand making the ice cream and sherberts from fersh ingredients.


Enhancing the good nutrition, Cotacach invites you outside to walk and see the views.  Here is a shot from our bedrom window of Mt. Cotacachi.


The streets are wonderfully brick paved and traffic is controlled so you can wak in safety and peace!  Here is one of the main waking streets.


Add these simple things up… no junk food.   Fresh whoelsme balanced meals.  More walking… fresh air.   Suddenly our guests feel better without trying… without discipline… without feeling deprived.   This is not rocket science… just a way life we used to have in he USA and Canada… that remains here, today in Cotacachi.

Until next message may your heath and food be naturally good.


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