Ecuador Beach Property Costs

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Ecuador beach property offers tax and cost of living benefits.

On our recent Ecuador beach property tour we looked at any properties up and down Ecuador’s coast.  The Ecuador beach property we saw ranged from $18,000 for one of these small houses…


to this luxury Manta condo with huge balcony at $260,0000 asking…


to this Crucita house at $160,000 asking…

Ecuador-Beach-Property to these beach front condos at $79,000 with…

Ecuador-Beach-Property this sunset view from their roof tops.


For more information on San Clement sunset beach condos contact Kjetil Haugan at

For more on the Crucita house contact James Cheek at

For more on the Manta condo Pilar Davila at

For more on Bahia porerty contact Gary Swenson at

Yesterday’s message saw how on our Cotacachi property tour we saw that Cotacachi’s cost of living was low.

While on the Ecuador beach tour, we talked about the cost of living, with an American who lives on several acres of fully owned Ecuador beach property.

He told us that propane was $1.50 for a 20 gallon bottle.  He uses about two bottles a year (he and his family often eat out because food in restaurants is so inexpensive).  An almuerzo (three course lunch) is .80 cents to $1.50.

He needs no heat or air conditioning on Ecuador’s beach.

Water is $6 a month.

Electricity $20 a month.

He reckons that the monthly outlay for him and his wife and two year old son to run his acreage with two staff is $700.

The cost of loving Ecuador? He warned us to watch out. This American who is in his mid 50s planned to sail the world.  He sailed from the US but while visiting Ecuador fell in love with the country and a woman. Now they have a two year old and are expecting again.  So if you visit Ecuador be warned!  This wonderful country has many ways of captivating your heart!

Tomorrow’s message looks at two huge Ecuador tax benefits

Until then good living wherever you are.


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