Cotacachi Dental Savings Example

by | Jan 26, 2009 | Archives

Ecuador and Cotacachi dental savings can be substantial.

A Canadian guest at our hotel Meson de las Flores just explained to me that he saved $11,300 on dental work.  The quote for his dental work in Canada was $13,000.  In Cotacahi he paid $1,700.  He felt the dental work was as good as he would have received up north.

We hear this from guests who come for dental work in Cotacachi, again and again.

Here are pictures of one of the three dentists in Cotacachi and Ibarra that our guests use.

Dental and Medical building in Ibarra near Cotacachi.

Dr Proano

Modern Equipment

Friendly Staff

Low Cost

Many guest come to courses at our Cotacachi hotel to rest, relax, learn and have dental work.

At Meson de las Flores, we have an excellent massage therapist, Jorge Flores,  He gives really great massages. One of our neighbors from North Carolina was here visiting (a university professor) and she said he gave the best massage she had ever had. Jorge charges just $20 for a full hour’s massage. (We give our guests a lot of free amenities here, free wireless broadband, free phone calls to the US, Canada and Europe, a wonderful free breakfast and we do not tack on any extra costs for massages performed at the hotel.)

Now Jorge has added a special Phytobiodermie treatment so guests can enhance health and appearance.  Here are the details.

Phytobiodermie is a non-surgical body and facial rejuvenation. Merri and I have enjoyed this powerful Swiss treatment for over a decade and can attest that it leaves you looking younger and feeling great. Few treatments are as effective, enjoyable and relaxing. Yet there is more than just relaxation and stress release. There can be considerable health benefits from this treatment.

This revolutionary system comes from Switzerland which is known for its purity and highest standards. The Phytobiodermie Swiss skin care and detoxifying system has over 25 years of experience. Their wonderfully enjoyable treatments combine Swiss technology, chromotherapy (color energy) and Chinese energy medicine to clear the body’s lymph system. It stimulates energetic points that promote the toning of the skin while adding a sense of well being and deep relaxation.

Jorge incorporates a full Phytobiodermie treatment plus a reflexology treatment.

This is a positive energy re-balancing combined with a detoxifying lymph drainage, that makes you look and feel years younger. Merri and I have watched numerous Phytobiodermie demonstrations where half of a face is treated. The difference in appearance is quite remarkable.

We help our Ecuador Living subscribers get quotes and make appointments with Cotacachi dentists.   Learn more at Ecuador Living subscriber.

Until next message, good natural health!


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