Cotacachi Shamanic Valley

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Our Super Thinking plus Spanish course is well under way in Cotacachi and yesterday we visited the Cotacachi Shamanic valley.

This does not look like much of a way to start a shamanic trip!


Yet here we go!


To a little known, almost hidden entrance


that is a darn tangled tunnel, suddenly opening to the Cotacachi shamanic valley and …


mountains and river below.


We journeyed down into the valley to this glen.


by a sacred spring that flows gold.


where this Cotacachi shaman


performed a purification for all. You can read all about it in the next Ecuador Living update as an Ecuador Living subscriber.  See how to subscribe here.

One part of the purification ceremony uses essential oils.  Our Super Thinking course also uses essential oils to aid the learning process.

Here is the monthly article about essential oils from our friend Candace Newman…the Oil Lady

Traveling with Tea Tree
by Candace Newman, The Oil Lady ®

Pure Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is indigenous to Australia and is one of the most well known and useful essential oil.  This is not the same Melaleuca tree we all know in Florida! Even if one is not interested in essential oils and Aromatherapy, Lavender and Tea Tree are two that should be in all medicine cabinets. They are also top travel companions because of their antiseptic qualities.

Tea Tree’s natural chemical constituents give it the wonderful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It was named by the English after Captain James Cook brought the leaves back from Australia, where he boiled the leaves from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree to make tea. He noticed this kept his people healthy.

Tea Tree is the number one oil for bites, stings, and infections of the skin. It is a great antiseptic for a cut and provides great relief from sinus infections and colds.
One of my trips to Ecuador took me on a surprise trip to Isla de Plata (Island of Silver) with an Incan Yatchak. The mosquitoes were quite heavy on the shore before we left. So with big bites all over me (more like welts), I was REALLY glad I had my Tea Tree with me.

Essential oils are highly concentrated volatile liquids extracted from some various parts of plants or trees. Tea Tree essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the tree. When used for “spots” like bites and stings … use it straight … drop by drop as pain or itch demands. It is so strong that one drop on your fingertip can be enough for several bites. Be very careful not to get it near the eyes. If essential oils get in the eyes…rinse out with milk or cream…NOT water….essential oils are not water soluble. Tea Tree will dry up the area very quickly, and too much for too long can create an adverse reaction and actually irritate this excellent in steam tents. To rub on the throat and chest, pour a base oil in your palm (I prefer Organic Golden Jojoba which is a liquid wax full of anti-oxidants … but any vegetable or nut oil will do), add 1-2 drops of pure Tea Tree, and use as a massage blend.

A little daily use of Tea Tree can help you stay healthy when traveling. Put 2-3 drops on the shower floor when the water is hot and use this as a healthy steam treatment while you shower. Make the palm blend with a base oil, and do a chest and neck tub now and then. A couple of drops can also be added to warm bath water.

If you have not experienced the wonders of Tea Tree … now is the time. Be sure to get pure high quality Tea Tree essential oil to receive the benefits of its medicinal properties.

We offer ours to you … pure … from Australia … See more about how to order here.

Until next message may everything in your life be well oiled!


This February 2009, I conduct three courses and we will visit the Cotacachi Shamanic Valley again.

Our February international Investing and Business Course will cover special principles on how to earn anywhere in the world, plus global investing and Cotacachi property.

Here are the courses. Feb. 9-11  Beyond Logic Simple Ways to More Wealth and Better Health…plus the Cotacachi shamanic valley ceremony. Normally $749 or $999 for two.

Feb. 13-15 International Business & Investing Made EZ…normally $749 or $999 for two.

Feb. 16-17 Imbabura Real Estate Tour…normally $499 or $749 for two.

My normal offer for those who attend all three of these Cotacachi courses  is…$1,199 for one. $1,749 for two…a savings of up to nearly $1,000 ($998 to be exact).

My special offer is that if you enroll in all three of the February courses, I’ll waive a $299 fee for my newest course on how to earn anywhere in the world, the Tangled Web.  You save up to $998 on the Cotacachi courses and $299 on the Tangled Web course.

You can enroll for all three courses above here.

A web based business is great. Yet how can someone do as Merri and I  have done…have a business that works in Cotacachi, Ecuador, the Blue Ridge of North Carolina or anywhere we choose in the world?

2008 provided many economic lessons that we can use in 2009 to create our own business in Cotacachi or wherever.

The reason we can have this freedom in business is passion.  May I explain.

I am one of the luckiest guys in the world because my children are continually doing things that I learn from.  This allows me to be a bragging dad and actually share a worthwhile point in the process.

For example Merri and I recently were reminded of the most important secret of business success from our youngest daughter, Eleanor.   Here is a shot of Merri and me riding the Virgina Creeper Trail last summer with Ele.


Eleanor is just 27 but has already built a very successful London based business that not only provides her a six figure income, but gives her the freedom to travel the world.  This last year, she visited us twice in the US plus spent time in China  enjoying the Olympics and made numerous other trips.  She has over four months of each year to travel wherever she desires…and earn as she goes.

While she was last with us, we had a great deal of time to talk and she surprised me by sharing a valuable lessons about business.

The first lesson came when she was telling me about her latest efforts at getting some of her students auditions and roles in London West End shows.  Ele started as an entrepreneur early. She owns a performing arts school in London that teaches dancing,  drama and singing.  Here are some of her students in the production of Aladdin they are currently performing.


Ele’s school is a franchised operation…one of about 600.  She is one of the youngest owners yet has one of the top ten busiest schools.

One reason for her success is the enormous energy and passion she puts into her business.  Another reason for  her success is she has a growing reputation for getting her students professional roles in the London theater.

She currently has eight of her students working in London’s West End.

Two are in the Sound of Music at the London Palladium on Argyll Street.

Two are in Rodger and Hammerstein’s Carousel at the Savoy on the Strand.

One is  in Disney’s  Lion King, at the Lyceum Theatre on Wellington Street.

One is in Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue.

I was a bit surprised at this success and asked her “what is your trick”.  She replied:

“This is very simple.  I give the children who have extra talent free lessons. I bring them to my home and work with them there.”

When I questioned the wisdom of giving away her services as being part of a good business model, she replied:

“This is not about the money, Dad. The thrill of hearing those kids when they call me and tell  they were selected is worth every minute I put into this. I love those calls so much,  I am happy to devote my time and effort.”

This is the secret. Do what you love and figure out how to make money in the process.

In Ele’s case, she has profited indirectly…but the profit is not the purpose.  This is a matter of fulfillment and of the heart.

This has always been an important idea, but grows in importance now.  Our message about the upcoming 2011 disaster showed an economic distortion that is so grave it will force many of us to continue working… or  to work more then expected or… to start working for oneself when an existing job is eliminated.

This problem is so acute and the importance of having more people do what they love is so vital that we have decided to write a new course…on how to develop your own international internet business.

I have now started this course and before I launch it to the public want to make a special offer…that gives you this course free…or more.

Please let me explain why.

Years ago, Merri and I  had 23,000 print readers…micro sized in publishing terms….but very, very profitable for us.  We made millions from this business.

Merri and I believe that in this rapidly changing world…small is beautiful.

When money stopped mattering as much, our children were grown, finished with university, we sold our print business and took a year off…lived with a shaman high in the Andes.

Then we morphed into an internet only business.  Our readership began small, with  about 1,600 email readers.  We expected to slow down and smell the roses more.  We even bought an isolated hacienda high in the Andes called Rosaspamba (Place of roses).

As crazy as it seems, we could actually run a business with this small readership and make a profit because our readers are so wonderfully responsive.

Why?  How?

This is what the new course I am creating will teach you….how to have a small, safe, profitable global internet business by creating wonderfully response, fun to be with, like-minded customers.

How small?

Today, our business remains micro sized but we have grown from 1,600 readers to four  main subscription lists consisting of 16,234 subscribers.

How safe?

The downturn of 2008 has not slowed us a bit.   In fact we  are growing faster, in number of subscribers and income, than ever.   December 2008 was our busiest month on the internet ever…by about 50%!

This s all at  a time that  many say is economically depressed. Yet our sales are way up and growing almost every month.

How profitable?

Our list and sales are still tiny compared to many of our competitors and associates who make millions a month.   We make tens of thousands.

Yet we have been able to add this extra income with a surprisingly small amount of added overheads.  This number works perfectly for Merri and me…a fun sized readership. In our opinion, this should be the key in business… satisfaction… fulfillment and fun…through service along with the profit.

Yet, profits do matter. Almost every month our internet sales have been rising. In 2008 they rose nearly every month created a new records in sales for us.

These internet sales alone have given us the freedom to live in an isolated Blue Ridge farm during summers and in Ecuador the rest of the year…yet still earn tens of thousands of extra dollars a month.

Now you can learn everything I do to create this extra income and have fun and fulfillment in a micro publishing business.

The syllabus of this course will help you learn how to find something that is fun, fulfilling and profitable for you to do.

Our growing income is one reason I have decided to create this course.

Second, the economic downturn of 2008 means that more of my readers will need a new way to earn in the years ahead.

Yet the third reason was the straw that made me decide to do this….my webmaster who helped me start this site has agreed to co-write the course with me.  Merri and I will explain what Merri and I do in the business.  The writing…the marketing…the product planning and such.   Our webmaster will outline the technical part. How to chose a server…set up a shopping cart…create pay per click systems…send thousands of emails a day.

Though we like to remain small, this does not mean all of our students will.  Our webmaster started with us first but since has grown to be the chief internet consultant for several much larger internet marketing companies that send over a billion emails a year!

I’ll be explaining the course in detail as we develop it over this year…what I will share and what my webmaster will share as well…how the course will help you.  Right now I honestly do not know everything what will be in the course.

This new course entitled “Tangled Webs We Weave – How to Have Your Own Internet Business” is offered at$299.

No Risk.

I have started the course and will email you right away the introduction and first three lessons of Tangled Webs (when they are written) on a no risk trial basis.

If at any time during this trial period your are not satisfied…simply let me know and I’ll give you a full refund of $299.

What will be in the course?

I don’t know. We have an outline…but as mentioned…I know that the syllabus will change.

What I do know is that the course will  be good…honest… sharing everything we have learned together building our internet business over the past ten years.  This is our 41st year of doing international business so the syllabus will be rich with real experience.

Enroll here $299


This February 2009, I conduct three courses that cover all the principles of the courses above, plus global investing and Cotacachi property

Here are the courses. Feb. 9-11  Beyond Logic Simple Ways to More Wealth and Better Health…normally $749 or $999 for two.

Feb. 13-15 International Business & Investing Made EZ…normally $749 or $999 for two.

Feb. 16-17 Imbabura Real Estate Tour…normally $499 or $749 for two.

My normal offer for those who attend all three of these Cotacachi courses  is…$1,199 for one. $1,749 for two…a savings of up to nearly $1,000 ($998 to be exact).

My special offer is that if you enroll in all three of the February courses, I’ll waive the $299 for the Tangled Web course.  You save up to $998 on the Cotacachi courses and $299 on the Tangled Web course.

You can enroll for all three courses above here.

I will immediately start your Tangled Web course and see you this February in Cotacachi!