Ecuador Air Fares Help

by | Jan 17, 2009 | Archives

Ecuador air fares is a really good search phrase when you are trying to attract readers interested in air fares. So anyone interested in having a web based business that gives them the freedom to live in Ecuador or anywhere, it is worth studying my two messages posted this morning.

They are titled Ecuador Air Fare Excerpts

and Ecuador Air Fares war Again

Within hours both messages were ranked on the first page of Google for the search phrase Ecuador air fares.  Here is what appeared at Google:

Ranked #7:  Ecuador Air Fare Excerpts 17 Jan 2009 … There is good news on Ecuador air fares. Right now Lan which has regular flights to Ecuador is offering some Guayaquil and Quito air fare … – 13 hours ago – Similar pages

Ranked #9:  Ecuador Air Fares War Again 17 Jan 2009 … Living in Ecuador, traveling in Ecuador, doing business in Ecuador. – 13 hours ago – Similar pages

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