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Meson de las Flores is a Cotacachi spa of sorts.

The hotel has a great massage room and infra red sauna.

Meson also heals every day with fresh good food specializes in high protein, quinoa meals.

Meson also enhances health with flowers.  We have flowers everywhere beginning in the courtyard.

cotacachi-spa On the dining tables.


One reader wrote:

These flowers confirm what Dr. Andrew Weil and a Rutgers University study had to say about flowers. Among other points, it was noted that flowers have a very positive impact on people’s emotions and sense of well being and generally  bring with them a sense of happiness and pleasure.

Meson de las Flores means house of flowers.

cotacachi spa

We are a house of flowers indeed.  Learn here how you can have Ecuador flowers for Valentine’s Day.


We have programs scheduled to help bring better health and joy into life.

Here are several that are just ahead.

February 9-11 Beyond Logic.

March 7-15   Quantum Health Balancing with Bob Shane.

June 13-15   Ecuador-shaman-mingo-tour

Plus today we also began a Phytobiodermie program. Phytobiodermie is a Swiss based holistic approach to health and beauty, founded on traditional Chinese medicine that uses the five element theory.

Made in Switzerland, the skincare line abounds with natural ingredients such as clay, algae, plankton, trace minerals and essential oils.   They soothe, renew rebalance and replenish the inner flow of energy  by treating the whole.  This treatment works on visible skin problems, such as: acne, wrinkles, dry skin and cellulite, are targeted along with reflex zones, meridians and acupressure points, and the chakras as well. When the natural flow of energy is out of balance Phytobiodermie utilizes the natural creams, five energy treatment and lymphatic drainage for skin, face and body balancing.

Yet I can say without shame that we are not the best spa in Cotacachi.  We are definitely second best, but not even close to best because…

five minutes away is La Mirage a Relais and Chateuax Spa.

Here is a note from Patrick McCormick, a friend, reader and a new resident in Cotacachi.  She spent New Year’s Eve at the La Mirage Cotacachi spa and sent this note:


Happy New Year!  At this time of so much change, may you find peace and joy, and may you manifest all your desires in gratitude.

I went with four friends to La Mirage Relais & Chateax.  We walked through a cow and sheep pasture to the front gate – just a stone’s throw from our homes in San Miguel.  Can you believe that this extraordinary resort is rated as one of the top ten resorts IN THE WORLD!!!  And it is located in our sleepy little leather village, Cotacachi, population about 6,000.

It is probably the most festive New Year’s Eve celebration in my life – the food was exquisite and there were 12 courses, including 3 sorbets – one being a delicious rosemary sorbet.  The room was decorated with festive abandon and we were entertained with a show of fireworks in the gardens outside our window.  Many balloons were released skyward, spewing sparkles and the grand finale was at midnight when a 3-story structure was lit, igniting a spectacular show of animated figures and breathtaking splurges of lights.  Several men worked all day, preparing the fireworks for the event.

The people in Ecuador love to parade and celebrate – there were many parades that day, the sounds of music and fireworks everywhere.  In fact, I could hear in the distance the people of the little village up the hill from my home partying with music and singing until about ten o’clock New Years’ Day! They are hard-working, gentle and happy people and I am happy to be here enjoying the beginning of a new year in this land of eternal springtime.  What a blessing!


Happy New Year, Love and Light and Blessings to you, Patricia

I really cannot say enough about how lucky Cotacachi is to have La Mirage spa.

We offer a Cotacachi Spa week that starts La Mirage Cotacachi spa with a private, personal, hour and a half, Shamanic Purification Treatment. Enjoy the wisdom of our female Shamana who has inherited years of experience from her father a recognized Shaman in this region. Her purification room has been specially designed on indigenous healing principles to unify the body, mind and spirit. She blends relaxation techniques using the rose petal filled float tank and completes your healing process with an hour long aromatherapy spiritual massage.

La Mirage Spa, one of Cotacachi’s best kept secrets. This is a great place to stay if you are looking for a hotel in Cotacachi…and if luxury is valued more than price.

Here is the entrance to the spa at La Mirage Hotel and Spa.

Cotacachi Hotel La Mirage

La Mirage offers  pure luxury…surprising for a spa in a village as small as Cotacachi.   This spa has such high standards that its prices create an incredible value.

The world is full of surprises but Cotacachi is a sleepy village and at the end of a bumpy, grass lined road sits Ecuador’s (and you may even say South America’s) most luxurious garden hotel and spa.

Gardens at Hotel La Mirage.

Cotacachi Hotel La Mirage

Hotel La Mirage is one of Ecuador’s oldest colonial haciendas, located in Cotacachi, ten minutes from the center of Otavalo. The hotel is set in luxuriant gardens full of tropical flowers and wildlife.

For the past 13 years, Merri and I have watched La Mirage become one of the most sacred and exquisite hotel spas we have ever experienced. It is a vital part of our life in Ecuador. We have remained good friends with the owners over these years, and we are in love with this undeniably special garden hotel and spa.

The spa provides a special breakfast with fresh organic fruits and juices,  an afternoon of massages, resting in the garden, meditating in the most beautiful meditation room we know and afternoon teas.

This is almost a secret place. Few people can believe that an oasis of such high quality can exist in a tiny remote village high in the Andes. This is one of the most exquisite hotel spas in the world. This is one of the wonders of Ecuador for sure!

Shamana in shamanic treatment room at Hotel La Mirage spa.

Cotacachi Hotel La Mirage

You may feel that it is strange that Merri and I,  who have our own inn in Cotacachi, recommend another place!

We announce to you that La Mirage Garden Hotel and Spa is special.

Hotel grounds.

Cotacachi Hotel La Mirage

La Mirage offers, the highest,  most refined, most elegant and delightful experience with the spa and 5 Star restaurant, organic gardens, horses, alpacas, llamas, small river, tennis courts and exquisite beauty.

If you plan to come to Cotacachi to attend one of our courses or on your own and if you would like to experience this ultimate in luxury, care and beauty, consider La Mirage.

We, of course, welcome you at our hotel Meson de las Flores and you will find us a delight. However if you would enjoy gourmet meals and a room at a world class spa all for less than a similar meal would cost in the West, consider upgrading to La Mirage. Many guest stay at our hotel part of the time and part time at Hotel La Mirage.

We recommend that anyone who stays at our hotel in Cotacachi at least visit the La Mirage spa..

Spa facilities include swimming pools, rose petal covered Jacuzzi with views overlooking broad valleys and Mt. Cotacachi, steam baths with fresh eucalyptus, sauna, facials, volcanic hot stone, Swedish or special Andean shamanic massage. There are also rose oil soaks, volcanic mud wraps, lavender (grown organically on the premises) wraps and treatments. The visit to this wonderful site is worth the trip alone.

We have conducted numbers of conferences there over the years, and delegates report that they were life changing for them.

Each spa treatment at La Mirage has its own room specially designed for the treatment.  Here is the Amazon treatment room.

Cotacachi Hotel La Mirage

You can see much more about the La Mirage Hotel and Spa Treatments

Here are the programs we have this winter to help with bring better health and joy into your life.  Each includes a visit to Cotacachi’s La Mirage spa.

February 9-11 Beyond Logic.

March 7-15   Quantum Health Balancing with Bob Shane.

June 13-15   Ecuador-shaman-mingo-tour

Until next message may your joy be high and health good.


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