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This March in Cotacachi we offer a quantum health balancing program.

Our February 9-11 Beyond Logic course is about Vedic Astrology and shamanic healing.   Some readers prefer a more Western scientific approach to good health so how about a rocket scientist?

May I explain a very interesting nuclear health secret, how I came to discover it and how it can now help you.

Writing and talking about international investing fourty years ago was really leading edge stuff and often readers doubted the ideas. We stayed in the forefront moving from recommendations of gold, Swiss francs, German marks, Japanese yen and Australian shares in the 70s to Far Eastern, Viennese, Finn and Turkish shares in the 80s and Latin and Eastern European shares in the 90s. Plus we shifted to Ecuador real estate in the late 90s when everything was crashing there (prices then shot up ten times). Mostly this was all way ahead of its time. These ideas were certainly not supported by the establishment. Turns out though that all these calls were good. This is not said to toot my horn, but to point out that what seems to be really weird stuff today becomes the trend when the establishment jumps on board (too late).

Radical ideas are not for everyone. Economic and social studies have shown a clear bell curve in the acceptance of new ideas. A small number of innovators begin. Then the early adapters catch on. Then come the early (mid) and late majority and finally the laggards.

As innovators we have attracted some pretty special clients who have become friends. These people are also leaders in their areas of expertise and they are great successes.

These friends compose an amazing range of professions from all over the world, energy healers to Indian Jyotish astrologers, to Tibet Kayakalpa masters to Amazonian shamans and Andean yatchaks, plus quite a lot of M.D.s, chiropractors and osteopaths who have practices that have evolved into using state of the art alternative technologies.

Some of these healers are very primitive indigenous people living in very remote exotic places using ancient methods. Others are scientists leading the way with the most modern western technologies. One is our friend Bob Shane.

Bob is a space physicist rocket scientist. For two decades he has been helping us maintain our good health using state of the art quantum technologies.

Bob will provide some of these technologies in Cotacachi this March.

Bob has been a friend and client for decades and has helped Merri and me with our health many times over these years.

Here is what quantum health balancing is about.

Five hundred years ago Parcelsus, A Swiss physician and alchemist wondered if diseases could be manipulated by magnets. He used lodestones then the best magnets available.  Due to their weakness few people paid attention to his ideas.
In the 1800s discoveries relating to electricity and magnetism led to theories that the earth’s magnetic filed was weakening and that this weakened field created health risks that could be resolved with magnetic therapy.

Since that time magnetic healing modalities have improved and today Pulsing Electro Magnetic therapy has been approved by the FDA to promote the healing of non healing bone unions.

There have been thousands of double blind studies concerning magnetic therapy on imbalances ranging from Arthritis to vision. These include cell regeneration, circulation, depression, fibromyalgia and much more.

Bob’s wellness evaluations include individualized energetic balancing during daily sessions.  During these sessions organ and tissue stresses are reduced. Bioelectrical deficiency and inflammation are normalized.  Bob also provides high technology biofeedback analysis.

Bob has been providing special balancing treatments at the Quantum level with many different instruments, three of which are: The Scenar, CORE Inergetix quantum feedback and Orion Bioscan using molecular resonance imaging technology.

Let’s start with the Scenar (an acronym for Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation) which is an evoked response neuro stimulator combined with a dual biofeedback mode. This instrument allows simultaneous energetic test and balancing of abnormal signals evoked from nerves.

This works at the deepest levels of our physiology. Traditional medicine perceives the body as a complex system of chemical reactions and thus alters pathology via chemicals (pharmaceuticals).

Scenar works at a deeper level built on the belief that the body is an information field composed of many separate quantum information fields. The Scenar alters pathology via electronic information fields. The Scenar reads these various fields, matches them against norms and then balances the fields that indicate they are ready to be balanced.

Here are the fundamentals. All health balancing works at one of five levels, organ, tissue, molecular, atomic and quantum. If you break a leg or someone shoots you in the kidney, the M.D. will work on that physical problem quickly. They’ll set and mobilize the leg or replace the blasted kidney.

However the roots of health problems are subtler. Some issues can be resolved through better nutrition which alters all the tissue in the body (perhaps changing it from being too acidic to alkaline, etc.). Sometimes the problem is deeper and molecular intervention needs to be involved. (Many pharmaceuticals work at this level.) Sometimes even deeper imbalances require atomic alterations.

But the deepest aspects of healing are at the most basic levels of quantum existence and creation. This is where Scenar works.

The Scenar may seem far out, but it was invented in Russia as an all-curing energetic medical device for Russian astronauts in space who did not have access to doctors. Though Scenar was called the “Star Trek Device” by the European press and as way out as it seems, it is FDA registered. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, writing in Virtual Medicine (London: Thorsons 1999), reports cumulative rates of effectiveness for a variety of disease categories, as follows:

•    Circulatory 82%
•    Respiratory 84%
•    Gastrointestinal 93%
•    Genito-urinary 89%
•    Gynecological and Obstetrical 78%
•    Musculoskeletal 79%
•    Ear and Mastoid 82%
•    Eye and Adnexae 93%
•    Mouth/jaw/salivary glands 91%

The device also greatly reduces recovery times. At the 2000 Olympics in Australia, the Scenar was called Russia’s “secret weapon,” allowing athletes to compete after sustaining serious injuries. In accident and emergency wards, it is used to aid recovery from cardiac arrest, massive trauma and coma. It has also proven beneficial in burns, fractures, insect bites, allergic reactions, immune disorders, depression and other mental afflictions, dental problems, and skin conditions.

You can read here an entire explanation of how Scenar works.  The Scenar session is worth the cost of Bob’s sessions alone but there are additional remarkable sessions that you enjoy.

Another instrument Bob has used is the CORE Inergetix. CORE is an acronym for COincidence REcognition.  Each delegate at the weekend course will learn about balancing sessions with Bob and his CORE Inergetix instrument which is a computerized biofeedback device that has been developed to assist both complementary and traditional health practitioners.

The CORE is an advanced computerized bio-resonant energy analysis device from Germany that gathers, sorts and prioritizes bio-energetic data and tests the client’s own energetic reactivity to a wide range of health and wellness patterns.
In this way it provides a far more accurate picture of health and a way to balance even the deepest quantum imbalances.

Standard energetic therapy devices offer only one-way therapy. The CORE is a two-way system. The CORE’s unique software program allows the computer to give and receive signals so it can evaluate and alter the informational balancing as it progresses. This enables the device to change the parameters of homeostasis. Due to this feedback connection, the computer can automatically modify balancing information fields to help restore a person’s dynamic labile equilibrium, reducing stress and enhancing wellness.

The Core tests more than 150,000 informational signatures to identify what is blocking the accomplishment of your wellness goals and what is needed to enhance these goals.

In addition it identifies emotional factors blocking your wellness goals and desensitizes these blocks using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) techniques

This session alone is again worth the cost of this course. Believe me I have experienced Bob’s work for more than a decade and he is good.     You can read raves from a few of his clients attest to this fact.

Yet Bob has added even more advanced instruments including the Orion from Russia.  The Orion does an energetic scan of body tissues and compares the body’s energetic reaction to a database of MRI scans. It indicates the stress level of organs and tissues and performs biofeedback balancing to neutralize the stresses.

Orion also identifies helpful homeopathics to facilitate tissue stress reduction.
All tests, evaluations and balancing are noninvasive and pain free.

Bob will conduct these sessions at Meson de Las Flores in Cotacachi, Ecuador
March 7-15 . The fee, including introductory lectures on technologies to be
used and one of the following 2 plans is

1. $495 = 4 individual daily sessions

2. $795 = 7 individual daily sessions

For more information write to Bob Shane at