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Vilcabamba Property attracts many of our readers. See some excellent Vicabamba property at a message entitled Vilcabamba real estate at our Ecuador Living site.

There are several reasons why Vicabamba property is attractive…one is health benefits there which leads me to Ecuador health tip #4:  Drink enough good water.

The January 1973 issue of National Geographic contains an article entitled, “Every Day Over 100 is a Gift” written by Dr. Alexander Leaf. This article was written about the three valleys-one in Georgia (Balkans), one in Pakistan (Hunza) and the valley of Vilcabamba (Ecuador), where 1,080 people per 100,000 lived on average to be 100.

The article compared this longevity to three per 100,000 in the United States. More important those who reached a ripe age (even over 100) remained vital, sexually active, continuing to work and participate regularly in the community.

These valleys offer ideal living conditions, but there is something else that is special.

One of our friends, Dave Wharton, (a former Olympic athlete) visited Vilcabamba, the valley of longevity in Ecuador.  Here are two pictures he took, the first of Artimidoro Gaona, a woodcutter, still working at the age of 110.


The oldest person Dave visited was Ramon Armijos who is 130, pictured here with his 94 year old wife.



Why do they live so long? The valley offers ideal living conditions, but there are two special factors, the first being special waters acclaimed to assist long life. These waters are very alkaline.

So here is a simple Ecuador health tip. Drink and soak in alkaline waters. The shamans here are always taking us to soak in volcanic mineralized water!  We’ll soak in the spas during our Beyond Logic course.  Feb 9-11 Beyond Logic Keys to More Wealth & Better Health

We live in a fast moving, acid society, so it should not be surprising that excessive acidity in our system is a problem.

One Shaman we studied and lived with in a valley of mists explained that even the mists were alkaline and that the free hydrogen in alkaline waters acts like a mop to absorb free radicals. The mists in their belief clean from the outside in. He continually pinched our skin to show us how over the days we spent in the valley made our skin became tighter as it was being cleansed in this way.


Another reason Dr. Alexander Leaf believed that the residents of Vilcabamba live to such ripe ages is the nutrition that comes from the rich volcanic soils. The minerals and elements help sustain extraordinary longevity and health. These nutrients permeate everything in these valleys, the water, plants, every aspect of the food chain.

This is why Merri and I continually drink the spring waters.

We take a lot of Vitamin C which we all know is essential but normally comes to us in the form of an acid. Now some companies have come out with VITAMIN C Ester which is a form of VITAMIN C with the ester quality added which is formed naturally in the body. They take Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid) and add the fatty acid, derived from palmitic acid, palm oil. The chemical bond between an acid and an alcohol is called an ester bond. This small addition might not seem important but the news is this causes the L-ascorbic acid to lose its acidity.

So here is another health tip. Eat more alkaline foods! This is an important longevity secret and it will help you look younger too. Vegetables!!!

Acidity is a problem in our society. Neutralize acidity and you will not only feel better, but you will have more energy and potential for longevity as well.

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Until next message, I wish you glowing health and wherever you go in Ecuador we wish you good Ecuador Living.


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