Cotacachi Winter

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Cotacachi winters are warm..compared to our home in the Blue Ridge.

See more on the Cotacachi solstice and two winter health tips below.

Winter is truly here in the Blue Ridge.  The day began at 44 degrees F and has been diving since. It was 29 F degrees when I began writing. Its 26 F now and  our weather man promises temperatures down to 8 degrees F tonight … Brrr!

Here are two of our North Carolina guest cabins about a week ago.

cotacachi winter

Winter welcomes the New Year with few flowers in the US. You, however. can decorate your  new year with fresh Ecuador flowers.  See Ecuador New Year’s rose news here.

Winter’s upon us so we are outta here…headed south to enjoy Cotacachi winter views like this, instead of ice and snow.


Cotacachi winters are mild, mid 70s in the day.  High 40s at night would be considered cold.  This is high mountain weather,  ever changing,  clouds, rain and sunshine all in a short time, but plenty of sun…enough on the equator at our 7,500 foot altitude so sunburn is always a risk!

The winter’s solstice is great in Cotacachi because there we know how to go with the flow.

Cotacachi’s indigenous population view the Solstices as the most powerful times of change in the year.

In Cotacachi there is really no longest day or longest night of the year. The sun always rises at 6 am.

Here is the sunrise on one of our morning walks.


The sun sets at 6pm.  Sunsets are not phenomenal in Cotacachi but on our travel-to-the-beach days we can see the sun rise in Cotacachi and be in our beach apartment for this sunset.


You can now enjoy both the mountains and sea with our surf and turf condo plan that lets you stay on the beach AND in Cotacachi.

Cotacachi is a wonderful place to celebrate the solstice. Such celebration is important because this is a time to be aware of change more than ever before.

Humanity is undergoing more economic change than it has for 75 years and the way to gain the most from this uplifting (that most people call a downturn) is to be aware of the good things it brings.

This is a needed and normal cleansing that hopefully will bring some great social change as well.  New ways of living, producing, getting along are required and this change will help bump us along.

This is why we added an extra shamanic related course Beyond Logic for this February and then we have our regularly scheduled shamanic mingo in June 2009 so readers can learn more about this more spiritual aspect of Cotacachi and Ecuador.

The majority see loss in this change. This limited perspective makes them feel overwhelmed and hopeless.  Yet this illusion is false.

I ask you from which ashes has not something greater and better emerge?

We hope to see you in February or June.

Feb. 9-11 Beyond Logic-Shamanic Mingo

June 12-15 Shamanic Mingo Tour

These courses help us to understand, look for and adapt to change at the high level.

We need to keep pace with change at lower levels as well… such as nutrition. Yet we to often ignore the solstice and seasonal change in our eating and lifestyle habits.

We do this at our peril. If we can stop and listen. the lessons are so valuable, pure and true.

One lesson that we can learn is that we should eat differently in each season. We operate on three essences, fire, water and air. These three elements need to remain balanced  and seasonal change can throw this balance out of whack.  Spring aggravates  the water, summer the fire and autumn- winter throw air out of kilter. Winter is too dry…too brittle and our health is improved if our lifestyles adapt for this fact.

One foundation of winter health is to alter our diet and increase our intake of protein and fats.

For example, pumpkin pie is a great winter meal. Here is how we make it.
Take a can of pumpkin (or if you are lucky like me to have dozens in your garden-clean and cook one down), add in a mixture of water and whey vanilla protein powder, two eggs, stevia (just a bit!) to sweeten (buy it at your health store).   I throw in a little lemon juice, one teaspoon of cinnamon, nutmeg and half a teaspoon of ground ginger and clove.

Often I skip the crust and just make pumpkin custard. If I am making a crust then I use half quinoa powder, half flour to enhance the protein balance of this meal.
Here is  a wintry variation to zucchini. Make a high protein hummus or baba ghanouj.

The way we make hummus with more protein is to mix 4% fat cottage cheese, chick peas, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and a bit of lemon juice. Blend it up and you have an excellent winter’s dip. Switch the chick peas with cooked eggplant (just wash, slice and bake the thin slices in the oven) and you have the baba ghanouj.
Instead of eating this dip with celery and light vegetables, use pocket bread instead.

Another way to nourish your body is through the lungs and skin with essential oil.  In winter Eucalyptus is the king of essential oils!

Eucalyptus essential oil is warming and stimulating… helps to move the rivers of the body during this drying time.  It is  anti bacterial, anti viral, stimulating to fluid circulation, an expectorant, and mucolytic.

Eucalyptus essential oil helps with Colds, flu, bronchitis  when you inhale from the bottle, a steam tent, bath, or massage a drop to the nose and chest. Before bed put 1 drop straight Eucalyptus on soles of each foot and put on socks.

Eucalyptus essential oil helps with sinus infection and joint aches and pains.

There are hundreds of different kinds of essential oils. Eucalyptus can easily be placed in the top five for its “good medicine” qualities. It is often referred to as the oil of respiration.

Eucalyptus essential oil is the liquid that is in the leaves of the eucalyptus tree and extracted by steam distillation. Its chemical contents determine it to be antibacterial and antiviral.

All you need is a little bottle of pure Eucalyptus and another bottle of good base oil. The following suggestions can be used as part of your preventive healthcare program, or as relief from colds, flu, and respiratory conditions.

Ways to help yourself with Eucalyptus essential oil.

1. Simply inhale from the bottle of pure Eucalyptus.

2. Pour a little base oil in your palm, add 1 drop of Eucalyptus, apply to and in nose, then massage where appropriate, such as under cheekbones, over eyebrows, on temples, around ears, neck and chest.

3. Fix your bath water and get in first, then apply #2 palm blend to nose, neck, chest, hands, and feet. Put warm wet washcloth over chest, close your eyes and rest in the water.

4. Make a steam tent for inhalation. Pour boiling water in glass Pyrex bowl, add about 3 drops Eucalyptus. This will be very strong at first. Close eyes and bring face over bowl while inhaling. After first few breaths, put towel over your head and the bowl. With hands under towel, massage face and back of neck. Rest here for 15-20 minutes. This can be done 3 times a day.

5. Put 1 drop of Eucalyptus on the sole of each foot, put on your socks and tuck yourself in for the night.  You can order a 10 ml bottle of pure Eucalyptus essential oil from our friend Candae Newman at


Eucalyptus 10ml

Better yet, join us in Ecuador where we have steam baths with fresh eucalyptus leaves!

Until next message, may all you winter be warm!


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