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Gaining an unique internet voice can help you develop an internet business in Ecuador. An Ecuador internet business provides freedom  to live the way you desire in the places you choose.

During the winter,  Merri and I enjoy the sun as we work at our hotel in Cotacachi…a tiny village far in the Andes. Yet our readers are all over the world.


Then we head for Ecuador’s beach…but I am still in business.


With this view.


In  the summer my life is even more remote in the Blue Ridge where I even have a small office set up in the forest.


The point is…wherever I have my Mac and Merri her PC…we are  in business.

Michelle Toole who attended our self publishing courses two years ago has been helping us see ways to improve an Ecuador internet business.

Michelle just wrote:  Hi Gary,

It’s amazing how time flies. I can’t believe it’s been over 2 years since I first met you and Merri and began my business venture.

At the moment I can’t be happier with my business.  My web site ( is doing fantastic. I get on average 1,000 visitors per day; I am ranked in the top 1% of web sites on the internet today based on traffic; and I am considered an ‘authority web site’ for my web site theme ‘holistic living.’ Not to mention that my income which started as a trickle and turned into a stream is fast becoming a raging river!

It’s been quite a ride and certainly a bit of work, but the results are worth it.  Following your core philosophy regarding pursuing your passion and finding a niche has certainly been a major contributor to my success for which I am very grateful.  Of course, finding Site Build It certainly played a major role as well.  By the way, I want to let your readers know that Site Build It, the company I used and continue to use to build my successful web site, is running a fantastic ‘2 for 1 special’ so for any of your readers that have been considering taking the leap into the world of e-commerce NOW is the TIME! Paying SBI only a couple of hundred dollars a year for the kind of support, step-by-step guidance, website design tools and research and development that the big companies pay big bucks for, is a steal!  And I am happy to continue sharing my experiences with your readers via my monthly articles on ‘Starting your own successful internet business’. I look forward to continuing my series in 2009.

I wish you both and all of your readers continued Health, Happiness and Wealth.

Much Love,  Michelle

Here is Michelle ‘s 31st lesson.

Finding a Unique Internet Voice

Creating a Successful Business On-line Starts with Finding your Unique Voice. Creating a successful online business starts with ‘writing for the human’; you know, the human visitor that is quickly scanning your site looking for that one piece of information to help them solve a problem or meet a need.   Of course you will enhance your writing to include appropriate key words to meet the needs of the search engine spiders, but it should never be your main goal.  It’s your human visitor that decides if you are going to benefit financially from there visit!

And, of course, that is the ultimate goal.

Below are 7 lessons (lucky 7), created by Ken Evoy, the founder of SBI, on building a successful business on the internet by learning how to ‘write for your human visitors.’

Follow these 7 simple steps and you won’t be left wondering why those checks are not ending up in your bank account!

“LESSON #1    Start Strongly.
Watch how to team up your top headline and the first paragraph for maximum effect, how the Valuable Pre-selling Proposition (VPP) is established, and how you can begin to set your voice even at this “first words” part of the page.
What is VPP?  Glad you asked because that is the basis for your successful web site. Valuable Pre-Selling Position or writing to PREsell is about bringing your personality and already existing communication skills to the keyboard. It’s about building personality, a unique spin, likeability, content with zip, etc., into your site.

LESSON #2    Nail Your Valuable PRE-selling Proposition (VPP).
VPPs are easy when you have a unique story. Don’t think you have a “natural” unique story?  Sometimes that great unique story is right under your nose. What if you really do not have a natural, unique VPP/spin? Create one — build a VPP and spin that becomes yours.

LESSON #3    Position (“Spin”) Yourself (Take A Stand).
How you position your site (and yourself!) can range from identifying/siding with your visitor to being the authority in a given field. There are various ways to do this…

•    Craft a strong sentence that comes straight out of your reader’s head. We are all human and tend to ask the same questions.

•    Use examples to make the point.

•    Weave yourself naturally into the spin/positioning without overdoing it, of course.

•    Establish a brand if appropriate, ideally based upon (or close to) your domain name. (Think about how water is sold — commodities become brands.) The right brand anticipates a possible future series of branded sites.

LESSON #4    Establish the Right Voice.
Your voice (not Wikipedia’s) can be witty and funny or conservative (even authoritative), controversial and edgy or quietly respectful, pleasant or curmudgeonly. Use the jargon of the niche to establish your “street credibility.” A great voice is the “subtext” that builds a feeling, a following. Voice makes a site spark.

LESSON #5    Flow the Body Copy Smooth and Clear.
Flow is important — your reader knows nothing, coming in. So your copy must flow logically and sequentially, pulling the reader through while “educating.” Good copy with flow ties it all together into one coherent whole.

LESSON #6    Turn A Phrase.
Clever turns of phrase add character. Study the clever turns of phrase below — you can do it, and should do it, too. They tickle the brain, exciting the reader for more.

LESSON #7    Close And Lead-In.
Close strongly, tying it all together and leading into those all important ezine sign-ups or sales.

The Bottom Line is…..

Find your Voice and Valuable PREselling Proposition. Sometimes it’s easy, just laying there for you to grab (ex., a 14 year old writing a site about a favorite family vacation spot). It may be there, but you have to dig deep to find it (ex., “cotton candy memories”). Even the most generic of topics can be spun into a unique VPP (ex., weight loss). And sometimes, well, it’s right under your nose.

Start some momentum with a rousing headline and first paragraph. Build the story and its positioning in a way that your reader can easily follow. Establish an appropriate and personal voice. Try hard for a “killer phrase”… a clever bon mot that adds another spark. Close it sharply, tying it all together and you will be very pleased with the outcome in your bank account!

You can check out Michelle’s web site at To get more great tips, like the ones above and to see how and what tools she used to create a successful on-line business go to

See more about Gary & Merri’s Scott’s on-line self publishing course.

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