Cotacachi Property Fixing

by | Dec 19, 2008 | Archives

Cotacachi property fixing, restoration and conversion offers opportunity.

Yesterday’s message looked at Ecuador coastal fixer uppers. Today let’s see some more of the White House South project that Merri and I have taken on as  a Cotacachi fixer upper.

One great thing is that what is expensive up north…tile, hardwood etc. is the low cost construction material here.  So the less expensive way creates a premium product for with the northern market.

For example tile work is really inexpensive so we are putting in top of the line tile in the kitchette area.


The building began like this.

Cotacachi condos

It is looking better and the shots below show why this process is kind of fun.


Construction costs are low and the craftsmen are so handy…they’ll do things you ask.

For example, outside our top unit, we have a small roof garden.


So we had these flower boxes added. We did not quite know what to do so just asked the builder…”use your creativity.”  He did this great job in concrete for not much at all.


The flowers will grow really fast in the Ecuador sun!

The top unit has high walls and needed more light, so we asked…”how about windows”.   The builder simply knocked out the space and built hardwood window frames to match.


The bathtub was inexpensive. Nothing more was needed because the workers use the same hardwood to build a frame…


and then tile it so it ends up looking like this


The list goes on.

You can read more about this at Cotacachi progress and Cotacachi & Bonds

We cannot stop fixing up. When we see a run down place all we see is potential!

Learn how to catch happy and or fear.

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Until next message may everything be fixed up for you.


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