Crucita Ecuador Coastal Real Estate for Sale

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Crucita Ecuador coastal real estate for sale is one of the four areas, along with Manta, San Clemente, Bahia and the areas in between that we cover.

These Ecuador coastal view lots overlooking Crucita were among our first Ecuador coastal real estate tour delegates purchased over a decade ago…at $2,500 per lot then. Only three remain for sale…at $17,500 now…but still a bargain.


One our last Ecuador coastal real estate tour, delegates looked at two coastal beach houses for sale.

Here they are.


Vista del Mar…


and a sister house. Here are delegates taking a look from the front…


and from the top upstairs balcony.


Each house is the same…kitchen on the left as you enter.


A dining room is next…


leading to a livng area…


and one first floor bedroom.


From the living area you can step onto the front porch.


From the porch you can go into the front yard.


and out the gate to enjoy this view.

Back at the entrance, on the right is a stairway up…



to two more bedrooms and a second bathroom and a balcony.


Here is the balcony on the other house.


Stairs continue to an upper balcony. One is shown above with a thatched roof of the balcony. Here is the other on the Crucita beach second house.


This looks down on the neighbor’s front yard.


Here are delegates from the front yard enjoying the view.


Here is the second middle balcony.


The asking prices for these houses was US$102,000 and US$105,000.

I just sent Ecuador Living subscribers a more complete report with the name and email of the broker for these houses. You can gain this report by subscribing to Ecuador Living here.

Until next message, good global investing!


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