Ecuador Beach Bed & Breakfast for Sale

by | Nov 19, 2008 | Archives

Ecuador beach bed & breakfasts can help you earn income and gain profit.

The sun always shines somewhere, and we are focusing on small Ecuador bed & breakfasts and hotels for sale that can provide extra income, offer future appreciation…and…provide a great lifestyle.

These are bed and breakfasts in the sun….because the sun always shines somewhere…but most often on the equator!

These Ecuador bed & breakfasts are places where those who want to change lifestyles and have a little money to invest or have a little income can enjoy life in the sun as they meet and serve interesting people plus upgrade an Ecuador bed & breakfast for fun and profit.

For example here is an Ecuador bed & breakfast for sale that we just viewed last week. It has a very low asking price (shown below).


Merri and I are back from Ecuador. While there we conducted an Ecuador coastal real estate tour and this Ecuador bed & breakfast was one of many we viewed.

After the tour, we spent the last night at Hotel Quito and enjoyed an excellent breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant Techo del Mundo…”Top of the World”. The food and views are great.

This is a restaurant where you can enjoy the sunrise and buffet. I especially love the yucca rolls, the multitude of fresh tropical fruits and not least a huge bowl of Macadamia nuts.

Here is Techo del Mundo.


The restaurant has great panoramic views of Quito.


We caught the 9:30 Delta flight to Atlanta and were rewarded with a great sunset.


When flying to and from Ecuador from the USA, for great sunset views, sit on the left side of the plane coming back north from Ecuador. Sit on the right flying south to Ecuador.

Back here in the Blue Ridge the first night was quite beautiful…


Not a clear, starry beauty though. That white stuff is snow!


Bringing this dawn.

Two days before we had enjoyed another Ecuador bed & breakfast in Manta, Ecuador.


“Now here we are back in North Carolina!”, I thought as I ambled down the hill to the mail box this morn. “Beautiful, but Brrr!”Ecuador-bed-&-breakfasts

As I strolled along the creek, I was not surprised…


that during this economic downturn, more and more people want to go to Ecuador.

Which would you choose?  This?


or this?


We do not have to sell Ecuador for our business there to grow.  All we have to do is wait for the sun to rise in Ecuador and the northern snow to fall.

The hammock is at one of the Ecuador beach bed & breakfasts we toured last week. This Ecuador B & B is for sale and has many wonderful features.


Many flowers.Ecuador-bed-&-breakfasts

Room to expand.


Even a pool.


which needs cleaning and decorating…as does the entire B&B.

The seller is asking $90,000. The right person who wants a business in sunny Ecuador and who wants to live near the beach…in the sun and earn some extra income as they fix a place up…may do well.

Until next message, may the sun be shining on you!


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