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Ecuador coastal property value and internet opportunity go hand in hand.

We are on the coast conducting our Ecuador coastal property tour.

The current economic downturn and inflation means that some who had planned to retire now plan to keep earning.

Others like Merri and me just would never think of stopping anyway. Work is too much fun and fulfills our desires.

One great way to earn and enjoy life at the same is to have a business you enjoy that is supported by the internet.

For example right now we are on a sunny beach looking at real estate with four freinds.  Tomorrow we’ll see wonderful condos in Bahia with kitchens like this…


condo with this kitchen view.


Here is the bedroom.


and bedroom view.


This is one of dozens of properties with views like this we viewed at prices ranging from $225,000 to $49,000.

Then we eased over to a new nearby hotel, Casa Ceibo and enjoyed a coffee and croissant as we sat in their back yard here.  See


Merri and I love this traveling, learning, seeing beautiful places, puttering among  cultures…making friends…helping out in innumerable ways and sharing this process with thousands of like minded souls.  Who could ever want to stop?

This is why we have been sharing a free course on how to create our own internet business created by our friend Michelle Toole.

Here is her 30th lesson.

What’s an ‘Authority Site’ and Why Should You Strive to Become One?

The definition of ‘Authority Site’ seems to be a debatable topic among experts on the Internet. To deem a web site an ‘authority’ or a person for that matter, always seems to leave a bit of room for debate, but, to put it simply, an authority site is one that is a well-presented, well-read, and well-regarded site.

An authority site focuses on creating a positive user experience and provides high quality content within a specific niche. Writing good articles, keeping up-to-date blogs and content, making the site easy to navigate, and blending ads in with the content all are traits of an ‘authority site.’

According to “In layman’s terms, an authority website is a popular site that people frequent, that gets linked to on the basis of it’s merit, or that others willingly refer to when the theme of that site comes into play.”

And Miles Galliford, a leading internet entrepreneur says that “An Authority Site can be defined as a website that sets out to be a leading online source of information for a niche subject.”

Simple enough, but who deems a site an authority site?

An ‘authority’ site is one which Google values and deems an ‘authority’ for a particular search term or topic. Typically Google grants ‘authority’ status to well known brands, such as Gap or a leader in any particular industry or niche.

An authority site will appear as the first result in Google’s search engine results as well as having 4-5 and sometimes 8-10 other links directly under it pointing to other high ranking pages within the listed web site. Google rewards ‘authority sites’ with additional links for being a trusted and quality website.

Not to toot my own horn but……… web site, Healthy Holistic is an ‘authority site.’ Yup, check out the image below showing the results for the search term ‘holistic living.’

And what is even more exciting is that I have the same ‘authority status’ for the keywords ‘holistic healthy’ which means I am the authority out of over 9 million web sites! Of course I am not going to get the same results for all the keywords associated with my web site, just for certain keywords that Google considers my web site to be an ‘authority’ on.

To check whether a site has been given ‘authority website’ status, you need to do a search on Google for its full domain name. If the search engine results page shows the site listed as number one with anywhere from 4-10 sublinks under it then it’s an ‘authority site.’

So why do you want your web site to be an ‘authority site’?

When you establish authority in your given niche, you become an industry leader and, from that, consumers start to seek out your products, information and services instead of the traditional marketing process, where marketers seek out consumers. And that means more profit for you.

What Does It Take to Create an Authority Site?

An ‘authority site’ requires strong content, a large number of pages, and a large number of incoming and outgoing links that are themed to the web site’s content.

According to an authority web site should be:

“Interactive: You should be engaging the minds of your visitors at all times using surveys, commenting and feedback. Make these features easy for your visitors and your site will grow exponentially. Why? Because they feel like you actually care about them. Interaction is a powerful tool and creates a sense of community on your site.

Consistent: You should post to your web site often, and you should always provide quality and original content. That doesn’t mean you need to produce 800-word articles three times a week. Your goal should be to become an information master. You need to be an “authority” on the news or information in your niche.”

The keys to becoming an authority site are highly interrelated. They include number of indexed pages, quality content, links, and strong Google PageRank. All of these factors work in harmony to achieve that highly desirable ‘authority site status’; lacking any of those qualities, can hinder a web sites goal of becoming an authority site.

Bottom Line…..

If you want to become an authority site you need a good amount of original high quality content and you need to provide a superb visitor experience, the rest will come naturally.

Look for my future articles where we discuss monetization options, search engine optimization, incoming links, e-zine techniques, link exchange programs and much more…..

Oh, and if you are wondering, yes! is an authority site! Go to and type in “Gary Scott” to see what an authority site.

You can check out Michelle’s web site at . To get more great tips, like the ones above and to see how and what tools she used to create a successful on-line business go to


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