Cotacachi Health

by | Nov 12, 2008 | Archives

Cotacachi health comes in many ways.

Many delegates who visit here report feeling healthier and losing weight.  One reason is the fresh locally grown food. Take for example the coffee breaks at our recent seminar here.

The food is so healthy. First day we served high protein qunioa cake and absolutely fresh squeezed alfalfa and mango juice.

Cotacachi Ecuador Tour

Next break was fresh fruit and hand rolled, chocolate covered coconut.


Then quinoa, vanilla jello.


Another break included fresh squeezed mango juice and…


unfermented, fresh cheese.


All served by warm. caring staff.


There seems to be several reasons why we feel so good here in Cotacachi.

#1: We tend to walk more with plenty of sun.

#2: Fresh ripe locally grown food is easily available at low prices.

#3; The people are so friendly so there is less aggression and stress.

These simple,…but important changes enhance Cotacachi health.

Until next message may your health always be good


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