Cotacachi Olympics

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The Cotacachi Olympics is helping the kids of Cotacachi.

Steve just conducted the latest Cotacachi real estate tour one project viewed was Primavera II.

Primavera Two a

Primavera One and Two are owned almost entirely by Ecuador Living subscribers and real estate tour delegates. These condos are built by Jorge Quilumbaqui, a local indigenous builder made good after years of struggle.

Jorge began as a laborer but is now one of the indigenous elders in Cotacachi, an example to younger generations of how to prosper in what, years ago, was a difficult environment.


Here’s Jorge, second from left standing with some of the medal winners

Jorge hasn’t forgotten his roots though and employs dozens and dozens of builders in his various projects as well as local girls in his Cotacachi Hotel, Sumak Huasi.

Earlier this year Jorge came to Meson de Las Flores to tell me about his plan to stage an athletics competition for indigenous children. He would call it the Indigenous Cotacachi Olympics and it would primarily be a way to financially help all the different indigenous communities around Cotacachi.

Using his own money and also sponsorship the prizes for the winning children athletes would be a computer or school utensils for the entire school year.


Some of the children, in good humor and ready to compete!

Knowing us at Meson de Las Flores very well and also aware that we have the Land of the Sun foundation to primarily help the indigenous in Ecuador, Jorge had no hesitation to ask us to be one of the sponsors of his event. We had no hesitation agreeing to do so!

I find Jorge to be a humble man without any airs or graces, unassuming with conservative style and tastes and with a social conscience – he wants to give back to his own indigenous community.

It was no easy task to arrange the Olympics because sometimes there’s a rivalry between the different indigenous communities and also the children are, for the most part, not used to taking part in athletics events such as relay and long jump. They can all run but don’t know how to start a sprint or pace themselves in the longer distance events.


Here’s some supporters from the Morales Chupa community

Jorge hired a physical education trainer to visit all the 14 communities that were to participate; the trainer spent one day in one community and then moved on to the next community. All in all he spent 2 months training the 180 children who were due to compete.


See what happened at Ecuador-indigenous-self-help.



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