Cotacachi Real Estate

by | Nov 11, 2008 | Archives

Our Cotacachi real estate tours continually view new real estate in the entire area of Cotacachi, Otavalo and Ibarra.


On our morning walks we keep looking for new properties that are being built. Here is a new discovery we found this week.

The sign says: “quality and style.”


They have three size, appx. 1,300, 1,500 and 1,750 square feet…prices starting at $49,000.

We will view these on the two day real estate tour that we started conducting yesterday. Merri and I are on the coast getting everything organized for the Coastal tour that starts tomorrow.

We continually scan Ecuador newspapers looking for unique properties and put our subscribers directly in touch with sellers whenever we can …thus avoiding brokerage fees.

This is important. See why.

We also help our subscribers by asking developers (since we are not brokers and do not to accept real estate commissions) to provide discounts to our subscribers if they buy property.

For example One Quito property seller is offering a $10,000 discount to our subscribers on a spectacular Quito condo.

In another example there are 4 buildings at Primavera II in Cotacachi. The first building has condos at $46,500.

Our Ecuador Living subscribers and tur delegates can subtract 2% of all these prices and we can put you in touch with the developer and a real estate attorney who has taken care of many similar transactions.

You can see more about the condos.

In another case, one condo project north of Manta provides our subscribers a $10,000 savings.

The other huge benefit is efficiency. We carefully plot our each tour so we can maximize the type and numer of Cotacachi properties and surrounds you can see in two days.

This complete service includes our staff being able to provide personal responses to your questions. We share the experiences we have gained living, traveling and working globally for 40 years and have been investing living and doing business in Ecuador for 13 years.

The final benefit is experience.  We have an active Ecuador business and have personally purchased a 962 acre hacienda, condos in the mountains, a house, a hotel plus condos and apartments on the beach.  and an office building.  Our Ecuador Living service shares our continual research and experiences in global business, living and investing in Ecuador.

You can subscribe here.

Until next message, good global investing!


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