Cotacachi Progress

by | Nov 7, 2008 | Archives

Cotacachi progress is wonderful.

How the world turns.

Sometimes in the US, everything seems to be falling apart and it is hard to get things done.

Merri and I just returned to Cotacachi Ecuador and after just being away a couple months, so much good is happening!  There is Cotacachi progress everywhere.

First there is more improvements in the roads. The main shopping street, Tenth of August has been totally redone with brick pavers and wonderful indigenous designs. Here is a shot I took from one end of Tenth of August

Cotacachi progress

This gives the district such a holiday feel!

Here is Tenth of August in the middle of the village, near our hotel El Meson de las Flores.

Cotacachi progress

We have progress at El Meson as well. We are continually upgrading something.   This month we have focused on the courtyard…

Cotacachi progress

and the courtyard flowers.  We have a new gardener and his efforts are really starting to show.

Cotacachi progress

There is progress at Cotacachi’s Primavera condo projects also.

Primavera II and III are nearly complete.

Cotacachi progress

Residents have begun moving in.

Primavera IV is well under way.

Cotacachi progress

and Primavera V has started.

Cotacachi progress

Our White House Condos are well on the way also. We introduced this fixer upper a couple of months ago…right next to the hotel.

Cotacachi progress

Now the top floor is nearly ready.  We just knocked in some new windows. Here is the view above the bathtub.

Cotacachi progress

Here is the view out the breakfast balcony.

Cotacachi progress

More on this construction progress coming!  You can see how we started here.

The hotel is packed. 50 delegates just arrived for our course tomorrow. There is quite a buzz going on here in Cotacachi.

I have to get downstairs now for the quinoa welcome cake!

Life here is good.


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