Cotacachi Real Estate Savings

by | Nov 4, 2008 | Archives

Cotacachi Real Estate Savings are growing for our Ecuador Living subscribers because there is a special opportunity at Primavera II now.

Here is a shot of Primavera II condos in Cotacachi, where if you subscribe to Ecuador Living you can save $5,500.


The builder of these units is also an excellent designer so the grounds are terrific.


Interiors look good as well. Nice kitchens.


Combined with the great wood working and leather making skills in Cotacachi, the units are wonderful when furnished.

Cotacachi Primavera Living Room


Cotacachi Primavera Bedroom.


There are 4 buildings at Primavera II. The first building has condos at $46,500. The second at $49,500 and the 3rd and 4th buildings at $53,500.

The rising prices reflect the increased building costs. Furniture is not included. These prices above are for two bedroom, two bathrooms – balcony condos.

The ground floor condos are three bedroom, three bathroom units. These are $1,000 more.

Since we do not accept commissions, the developer offers a 2% discount to our Ecuador Living subscribers and real estate course delegates.

The last time I checked there were 18 condos (of 32 being built) left for sale.

The rooftop studios have always been the most popular, fastest selling units. They sold out immediately, I believe at $43,000.

Now a studio is for resale from a couple from Australia who bought but then decided to live on the coast instead. Because these units are rare and popular and this unit is finished and ready to go,  they are seeking a premium and are asking $55,000.

However the seller is offering our Ecuador Living subscribers a huge discount. He wrote:

“Gary, This unit has glorious daytime and night time views.

All the top floor units are sold in all four buildings. This is the only completed studio for sale. The other one in building two will be occupied by the owners when complete (in the near future, sometime). No others can be for sale in a complete state for about another 12 months.

As we will shortly be moving to down South to live on the coast, we are happy to give a discount to any of either your subscribers or seminar attendees.

The property is currently listed at $55,000 but we will sell for $49,500 to anyone introduced through yourselves. We understand there are no costs or charges by yourselves to us as sellers.”

This studio is on top of these condos.


Thee studios have always been so popular because of the large balcony.


I have not seen this unit yet, but Merri and I bought and lived for some time in the first studio at Primavera I. They have “top of the world” views. Here is a shot of that balcony when we first moved in.


Views are 360 degrees like this…

Of Mount Imbabura.


Mount Cotacachi.




and west.


I am traveling to Cotacachi as this message is being sent and will try to take some shots of the views from the balcony of the Cotacachi studio for sale while there.

You can learn more about subscribing to Ecuador Living here.

Until next message, may all your horizons and views be broad.


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