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Ecuadorian people are kind.

An example of Ecuadorian kindness is Dr Andres Cordova. Andres is our friend and attorney. He is the grandson of one of Ecuador’s more famous presidents. He is a senior partner in a law firm that represents Ecuador’s treasury.

Yet to me he is an example of how Ecuadorians are willing to help others in so many ways.

For example, we warn our delegates and readers to stay away from the Mariscal Sucre area in Quito. This is a very touristy area that many of the tour agents promote. This area is loaded with very clever pickpocket type thieves.

Regretfully some delegates do not mind our warnings, as was the case when a delegate from our course, on his way back to the US, visited this area. His carry on bag was stolen (in a tricky but non aggressive way). He lost everything, passport, wallet, car keys, credit card, driver’s license, computer. He was stranded with $3 left in his pocket.

Fortunately he called us in Cotacachi. I called Andres who immediately left his Sunday afternoon lunch and within the hour had picked up our delegate, given him $200 cash and sent him back to us in Cotacachi. (The US Embassy would not help the delegate until Monday.)

This is not the first time Andres has gone out of his way to pull a delegate’s irons out of a fire. A few years ago, a delegate arrived for our Import-Export Expedition. The delegate had journeyed to Peru first and purchased many huge bags of goods to take back to the US . Naturally Ecuadorian customs wanted to tax them. Though it was nearly midnight, one call to Andres got him working and he immediately sorted the problem out.

Now Andres has done it again. A reader just sent me this note.

Wanted you to know that Andres handled the closing on my place and would not charge anything…Nada, 0..Maybe that was his way to make up for his sometimes slow response time…..In any event that is impressive..Hope you are well. We will be in Argentina most of November, then to Nicaragua and Panama in January…One of my sons in selling property in Panama ..Cheers,.Ed

Andres continuing help and goodwill to our readers is one reason I wholeheartedly recommend his Ecuador real estate projects in Mindo. I am not involved financially in any way but delight in putting good people (my readers) together with good people (Andres and his real estate team).

ARBORETTO has been “adopted” by a very driven and enthusiastic group of young professionals wanting to make it a showcase of their sensibility, creativity, environmental dedication and passion.

Here is a shot of the first house going up there.


Andres just sent me this note.

“ARBORETTO advances on its way to becoming the best project of its kind in Ecuador (please pardon our boasting) and a statement for creativity, sensible practices and forward-looking investing. We want to share with your readers the Arboretto website that has a wealth of information. There is also a picture gallery that is a testament to the beauty of the area.

A river runs through it.


All lots in Arboretto are truly special, enjoying spectacular views and lush natural surroundings and 17 have been sold or reserved so far.

We believe Arboretto is a project that is just right for the times. It offers new horizons, real value, appreciation potential, rental income possibilities and feel-good all the way.

The plants, flowers and bird life are incredible in Mindo.


Click here to visit the Arboretto Master Plan and website.

Andres has also promised to give our course delegates special prices and conditions in ARBORETTO.

He wrote: “Prices are a very good value we understand that some people need to see some more ground-work to understand the scope of the potential at hand.

The current price for a homesite in ARBORETTO is $64,950.

We will provide your delegates a $3,000 discount per lot and a $3,000 credit towards the construction of their villa in ARBORETTO, provided they begin construction in the 12 months following the visit.

The first house in ARBORETTO will be finished in three months and the second house begins construction in three weeks. More houses follow.

Warmest regards, Andrés.”

Andres has organized a special luncheon trip to Mindo after our courses below for those who would like to see the ARBORETTO project. The drive from Quito down to Mindo is a treat in itself. Don’t miss the waterfalls, best birding anywhere, the butterflies and just Mother Nature. For details, please contact Dr. Andres Cordova at

Until next message, may all the people you know be kind.


The first ice appeared on our North Carolina pond last week. Brrrr!

instead of hiking in the ice and cold…


Ma and I would rather hike here…in the sun…overlooking Cotacachi!


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