Ecuador Shaman Stress Buster

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Ecuador shamanic stress busters will really be important this year. What more could we ask for to create stress than Christmas and a flailing economy all at once?

Not for Merri and me. We love the holidays because we head down to the tranquility of Ecuador.

This message looks at three ways to relieve stress around the holidays…and especially during these difficult economic times.

There are many places where you can relax in Ecuador….such as Chachimbiro spa.


We’ll look at the spa in Ecuador stress buster idea #3. First…

Stress Buster Idea #1: Ecuador and essential oils makes Christmas easy for us because we always give Ecuador purchases and essential oils as Christmas gifts.

More on Ecuador (idea #2, some Ecuador real estate for sale (idea #3) in a moment. First about…stress and essential oils.

Yesterday’s message looked at shamanic essential oil health secrets

Candace Newman, our friend and essential oil expert, spent time with Ecuador’s shamans and we just made a Christmas offer for her essential oils and wrote:

“Stress seems to be part of the human condition. How much and what kind continues to change like the waves in an ocean. Our job is to anchor deep and learn to ride the waves. We do know that we’ll have these stressful waves for sure; the call is to find the best ways to navigate. Optimally we find ways to decrease the damage and increase the opportunities to move into our optimal levels of performance and keep getting ‘better at life’. It helps to see it all as an adventure, and take it on as a wild challenge to see how well we can get through it. We all share this challenge.

“One of the two main attributes of Aromatherapy…is the instant ability to relieve stress (the other is the immune boosting benefits). The instant relief is due to our olfactory system: the nose- brain connection. Aromatic molecules traveling up the nose create a thought and emotion which creates corresponding brain chemistry that becomes a messenger to cells throughout the body, telling our tissue how to feel and behave. All this without any effort! And…it is an enjoyable process! What a relief.

“The thing I hear the most right now is that these times are crazy. We are all facing lots of uncertainly with ourselves and loved ones. So any comfort is welcomed, and aromatherapy is a soulful and heartwarming one.

“Everything seems to have its Top Ten. Here’s what our friends purchase for themselves and loved ones to make a difference in their lives. Their stories give us grateful hearts and awe-inspiring reasons to keep doing what we do.

“TOP TEN: (1) REJUVENATION Face Gel – originally for our face, and turned into our #1 top soul-soothing aroma, (2)The GOOD MEDICINE TIN® – for its many tools to help many situations, (3) Pure LAVENDER Essential OIl – for its ability to balance the central nervous system, (4) OLA SEVEN SAMPLER – a blend for each season of the day, night, or week, (5) OLA MIST SAMPLER- for the easy use and breath of fresh air anytime, anywhere, (6) OLA THREE Blend – Lavender, Orange and Peppermint is a comforting blend, (7) OLA FOUR Blend – Lavender and Rose is gentle and soothes the heart, (8) COMFORT CARE Pak – a plan with a mist, pure essential oil, gel and blend. (9) NATURAL TRANQUILIZER – for calming and help with sleep, (10) COLD- FLU Pak – relieving the respiration stress that seems to be a BIG part of these times.

“These top ten are special formulas and products that only we make, and we know when we ship them out to someone, they know the job they have to do. It has always been that way. We are the servants and messengers, they do the work … you benefit and share with others. Giving and receiving become one. In the midst of chaotic times, we feel very grateful, are anchoring deep, and continuing to rise to the occasion… in the name of life and compassion.”

Candace has made a Pre-Christmas Gift Idea Offer. 30% off retail through October 31st for her Master Sampler Gift Box. This offers the best way to experience the benefits of Aromatherapy. The box contains: Four mists of 1 oz each in amber plastic mist bottle – 3 Top Skin Gels (Rejuvenation, Skin Calm, Clear Skin) of 1/4 oz each – Seven Massage Blends of 1 oz ea. in amber plastic pump bottle – Rainbow Chart – Gift Box.


The regular rice is $127.95 but this month it is reduced to $89.57. You save $38.38.

Order the Stress Buster Essential Oils Special here

Idea #2. Join us in Ecuador for our November courses and tours. Do your Christmas shopping at the same time. The courses will help you learn how to profit in these turbulent economic times. The shopping will help you find really wonderful unique gifts at incredibly ow prices.

Our courses are held in Cotacachi, a village that specializes in leather products of every type.


San Antonio de Ibarra, a vilage that specializes in wood carving and art, is just minutes away.


These Faberge eggs are carved from wood and covered with gold as are these horse statues.


Otavalo, the largest indigenous market in the Americas is minutes away and well filled with textiles of very kind…rugs…


sweaters, coats, shawls…acres of wonderful shopping!


Plus there are great artists. Here is one water color Merri and I bought in Otavalo.


There is also jewelry…silver, gold, pottery all at remarkably low prices.


The third Ecuador stress buster idea is to enjoy an Ecuador Adventure Spa Week. Ecuador is famous for its longevity and shamanic health secrets that are incorporated n this week long stress busting adventure.

Plus while in Ecuador you may solve some of your wealth issues as well. Low cost living and incredible real estate value can relieve a lot of stress!

Until next message, may all your stress be gone!


Join Merri, me and Jyske Global Asset Management at one of our courses. We review economic conditions, Ecuador real estate, my entire portfolio and our multi currency breakdown plus investing and business ideas for the months ahead.

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Stay on for the real estate tour Cotacachi and surrounding areas. We’ll see real estate for sale on this lake.


Plus we’ll see homes at San Miguel and Prima Vera II.


Primavera II $46,000 condos.


Nov 10-11 Cotacachi-Imbabura Real Estate tour

Then travel to the coast and enjoy this Pacific surf that in November is warm!

Ecuador real estate for sale .

Salt or fresh water

Ecuador real estate for sale

November 12-15, 2008 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour; Quito Real Estate Tour

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