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Shamanic essential oil knowledge has dramatically helped Merri’s and my health over the years. This message shares an important natural health idea about shamans, essential oils and natural health.

A recent message shared how a few years ago, Merri and I took a year’s break and lived and studied with the yatchaks and shamans in Ecuador. We wanted to have the knowledge about good living and natural health.

One shaman gave us a this small house so we could live next to his house in his village.


For much of the time we lived on our remote hacienda Rosaspamba near Mindo with a shaman and his apprentices. Here was the view when we arose from our shack in the morning.


We learned so much about so many parts of natural living. For example, we even learned the geometry of shamanic construction. Here we are at work with a shaman at Rosaspamba.


A part of this knowledge was incorporated into the building our Blue Ridge home.


The design, the specific dimensions and the way the house entrance and my office face this sunrise are shamanic construction principles we learned.


We brought friends and readers for shamanic healing ceremonies. Here we are with a yatchak and friends who hiked into the sacred LLanganatis valley and lived in a grass shack with us.


Here is another of our groups having a Mingo at ancient Inca site.

essential-oil-shaman ceremony

Here is another mingo performed around a campfire at our Blue Ridge farm.


One of those at this mingo was our friend Candace Newman. I mention this because Candace has been involved in perfecting essential oils for better health formulas for years and was greatly inspired by the shamans of Ecuador. Let me explain why.

We learned early on that the two most powerful and fastest way to transmit healing energy are through the skin and lungs. This is one reason why shamans place great importance of immersion in pure water. Here we are with a yatchak during a ceremony that ended with a dip in the sacred spring.


Plus we learned that one of the most key ingredients used by the shamans to encourage natural health are essential oils. The called them Aqua Flora (Floral Water)…they are essentially oils…many types for different harmonies and balance.

The minute we discovered this we contacted Candace who had been our friend for many years. She joined us both in the Blue Ridge and in Ecuador to study with the shamans. She even rode the length of Ecuador and Peru with a yatchak and our daughter, Francesca, visiting Cuzco, Sacsayhuaman, a famed fortress overlooking the Inca capital and Machu Pichu.

The shamans helped us and Candace learn how essential oils can help us maintain balance an essential part of natural health.

In these times of economic and social imbalance, a physical naturally healthy balance is more important than ever. Times of turmoil are the best times to build wealth…but we need to remain healthy, energetic, plus emotionally and physically balanced so we can see the way to help and serve (and earn) in troubled times.

So I asked Candace if she would share what she learned in her many years (and from the shamans) about the most important essential oils for natural balance.

Candace is sharing this knowledge in a series of articles…this is the first about peppermint.

Top Essential Oils for My Travels – Candace Newman, The Oil Lady®

“Pure Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha Piperita)

“In my travels to Ecuador and then another trip on to Machu Pichu, one of the most important oils I had in my oil pouch was Peppermint. It’s the #1 oil for digestion-stomach issues, sinuses, headaches, and fatigue.

“One night in the Quito hotel on an Ecuador trip, one person in the group was feeling stomach stirrings from some food. So I made a palm blend (Palm Blend is a term I have coined that lets us make a blend in our palms that is just enough for what we need at that moment) with Organic Golden Jojoba as the base oil and Peppermint, for a gentle belly rub. I put a little of the palm blend on her nose first and then a little on the temples. This fires the nose-brain connection to support our whole system. The belly rub allows the oils to work through the skin.

“On another trip I spent a month up above the cloud line with no electricity or hot water at Rosaspamba, and one of the Yachak’s apprentices had a stomach ache. The belly rub with a palm blend of Jojoba and Peppermint was the answer again. The aroma filled the room and everyone enjoyed it.

“On the bus ride through the sacred valley below Machu Pichu, one lady on the bus was feeling motion sickness after a rather big lunch in the valley. So I put a drop of pure Peppermint in the palm of her hand and told her to rub her palms together, cup her nose, and breathe deeply.

“Periodically throughout the trips I would pull the Peppermint bottle from my pocket and just take a few inhalations to keep me feeling good. There are so many times when we are traveling … and in Ecuador and Peru there are plenty of long car and bus rides and windy mountain roads… when we feel a little woozie, tired, hungry an just not quite up to par.

“Peppermint is great for this…..just breathe deeply….and the oil does the work. When we took a long 17 hour bus ride through the Andes in the mist overnight from Ecuador to Peru. Breathing Peppermint was very comforting.

“On airplanes, Peppermint along with Lavender are two of the best oils to have with you. Inhaling right from the bottle keeps you healthy with the antibacterial properties. Peppermint also helps clear the head with its menthol lift, and is the best essential oil to use to relieve motion sickness. For jetlag … when you want to go to sleep and there’s no place in sight to sleep yet … take deep breaths of pure Peppermint. You can also put 1-2 drops on a cotton ball, breathe from this like a personal diffuser, and tuck it in a pocket close to your heart and lungs.

“Best ways to use Peppermint to get these wonderful benefits: (1) Take 5-7 deep breaths right from the bottle, (2) put 1 drop in your palm, rub palms together, cup nose, close eyes and breathe deeply, (3) Make a Palm Blend with Jojoba and 1-2 drops of Peppermint for a rub. First apply blend to nose, gently rub temples and back of neck. (4) Use Palm Blend for a belly rub. (5) Put 1-2 drops on a cotton ball and keep it with you like a personal diffuser. Take extra cotton balls so you can make a personal Peppermint diffuser for a traveling companion. They will love you forever! Aromas create memories.”


You can order a 10 ml bottle of peppermint oil from Candace here

Read the recent message about how a few years ago, Merri and I took a year’s break and lived and studied with the yatchaks and shamans in Ecuador.

Until next message, may your heath and wealth enjoy balance and harmony.


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