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The next step in multi currency investing scenarios are in investments of the future that have already appeared.

Yesterday’s message looked at six types of multi currency investors ranging from innovators to laggards.  Merri and I are somewhere in between innovators and early adapters in our multi currency investing.

Through fate and good luck we were thrown at the head of the multi currency curve when young.  As we learned what this meant, we began thinking ahead on purpose.

Our track record of multi currency shows this. The 40 years I have been writing, investing and doing business abroad began in the late 60s when I jumped into silver and gold.

Then in the 1970s I invested in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, England, Australia and Hong Kong .

In the 1980s, the Tigers, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia & South Korea and Turkey were among my recommendations.

By the 1990s was already into South America and Ecuador. Prices are good in Ecuador now. Imagine them then.

In the 2000s we jumped into China , India and Eastern Europe, but backed out well before the crash.

In the 1990s investments in water began to look really good as well so we invested there as well. Since we place our major focus on our own business rather than investing, our investment was in real estate with water. Water is as an excellent currency that hedges inflation!

We have huge amounts of water on and around the farm…springs…streams…ponds…rivers and creeks.


Now during these times of turmoil it was natural for us to ask, “What’s next.”

What investments for the future are now here?

Here are five “the future is now” investing and business trends that have merged. They seem to have a bright future.

#1: Gain value added. This is the era when small and flexible are beautiful. Modern community technology makes it possible for even micro businesses to virtually integrate. I’ll give you a specific in a moment.

#2: Invest in real estate. I know, I know people keep saying that prices are going down. Yet these same people keep having kids without making more land. This looks like an opportunity distortion to me.

#3: Bet on inflation. I do not see how with the massive government bailouts this will not happen everywhere…a lot.

#4: Invest in alternative power and sustainability. The same fundamentals as for real estate are at work…more kids…no more fresh water…trees…soil…clean air…etc. Plus one factor more. Each child born expects more.

#5: Invest in natural health. The current social economic lifestyle is flawed.  The acquisition of stuff creates too much work…leading to too much stress…with too little time…and poor nutrition…leading to pharmaceutical and surgical intervention. This intervention costs too much and is not a pleasant, effective approach that optimizes maximum human efficiency.

With these thoughts in mind we are taking our next step here at the farm which was originally an investment in real estate (#2 above). Plus our move here was also an investment in water. We have dozens of springs. This one for example, called the “Indian’s Trough”, is a historical site and produces many gallons of water a second.


This one spring alone provides all the water in our home and fills a small waterfalls in our back yard.


Plus fills the wood fired, hot tub we have in the deep woods.

enviro spa

Spring water fills the tub.


Fallen wood heats the water which comes from the spring year round at 49 degrees F. We usually soak at 105 to 110 F.


There are dozens of the springs on the property…hundreds of rivulets leading to streams and pretty soon they form our creeks, waterfalls…


and ponds.

water-southern exposure

Our land rises nearly 1,000 feet. You can see the rise on an aerial photo. The blue lines are roads on the farm. The bald at the top sits at 4,000 feet. Our entrance at 3,000+.


So at the bottom of the farm we have a rushing creek pushed by hundreds of feet of drop.


We are combining this fact with a bet on inflation and an investment on sustainability and alternative power (#3 and #4 above) and plan to move our farm off the grid so we can live in a healthier, wealthier, more independent way. Not all alternate energy is cost effective at this time…at current energy rates. I expect the rates to rise so am willing to speculate by investing in energy saving and producing capital now.

Here is the plan we are working on now that enhances the value added aspect of our business (#1 above). We have some great home sites on the farm. Some have some great locations for solar, hydro and wind power.

Many of our meadows have southern views and are filled with morning and evening sun.


Our home has a complete southern exposure and was built with 13 inch concrete filled, styrofoam insulated, heat retaining walls.

southern exposure

The 12 large glass windows and doors let the sun pour in all day. Even when it is freezing outside you can nearly heat the house with a candle.

Other sustainability assets include wind potential in places on the land that are high, sunny and exposed.

Our vision for the farm is evolving like this…homes that can support themselves: …energy…food…and water…but connected to the world.

There is more value added potential in…wood. A nearby business specializes in sustainable logging…with horses. See


This allows one to work on an entirely integrated plan…harvesting and milling wood…to build houses and cabins on sites like this…that


are off the grid with solar, wind and water power and with enough land to grow one’s own organic food.

These and other qualities also lead to many natural health opportunities so we have a complete opportunity to create opportunity from all five of the the “future is now” investing and business ideas above.

This plan is filled with value added potential. We can help our forest with sustainable logging.

The wood can be used for the cabins.

We can offer courses that teach people the logging, the milling, how to build the cabins.

We can teach people how to save via off the grid living and even help them obtain off the grid equipment. Plus we gain off the grid homes for our retreat center.

I expect this will make new avenues so our business can change and grow in the next five to ten years…just as Ecuador altered our life and business a previous decade ago.

This process feels right to us and we are proceeding.

See more on feeling right about your business and investing in yesterday’s message at this site.

This is not to suggest that you do something like this. Our isolated and quiet lifestyle would drive most people nuts!

The mission statement in our business is to provide useful and interesting information that helps make people’s lives better. We focus on helping readers improve health and wealth in leading edge, innovative, easy ways. In the process we have learned that the most effective way we can tighten this focus is to help readers follow their dreams. Truly, few things can enhance your health as much as being (and loving) who you are and doing that which inspires you. Not much has as much chance of making you wealthy either.

So our way of cashing in on a future that is now here may not be yours.

However look at the five “the future that is here” trends above. Then, look within and seek ideas on natural health and living that are inspiring to you.

Until next message, may all your business and investing be inspired.


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