Current Market Strengths

by | Oct 16, 2008 | Multi Currency Investing

Our recent International Investing Made EZ course in North Carolina looked at my portfolio, where one might want to invest now…and not, plus we looked at three historical market strengths that could help stock markets recover at this time.

The first strength is in the 30 year bull-bear market cycle. The market is at a point in its 15 year downturn where it has historically experienced a brief (12 to 18 month) recovery. We looked at this in detail in a recent lesson you can review here.

The second reason is seasonality.

In a study of the Dow over 30 Years it had 8.16% growth overall.

However all the growth (8.36%) came in the months of November to April.

The Dow rose only an annual average 0.37% in the months of May to October.

$100 invested in the Dow for those 30 years grew to $848 overall.

If the $100 was invested only in November and withdrawn in April it grew to to $1,067.

If the $100 was invested only in May and withdrawn in October its value dropped to $79 over the 30 years!

This does not suggest that we should only invest in equities from November through April. It does show that if the market is goig to recover…the most likely time is now.

We still look for value. These studies of timing simply help us know when value is most likely to be fund.

We’ll review the third market strength next lesson.


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