Ecuador Exports Guide

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Ecuador exports offer great opportunity. This page guides you to 40 pictures of products you can export from Ecuador.

Our friend Todd Smith is a professional photographer who attended our Ecuador export course and took many photos of the area including 40 great shots of Ecuador exports.

Here are clay figurines that are great Ecuador exports.


These clay necklaces are great as Ecuador exports as well.


These three shots were taken at the Olga Fisch Gallery in Quito Ecuador where delegates of our Ecuador exports course visit.

Here are chess sets at the gallery that are also great Ecuador exports.


Todd has been exporting from Ecuador himself because the four color printing is great and inexpensive.

See 40 pictures at Todd Smith’s Ecuador exports file as a guide to the wonderful world of Ecuador exports

Until next message, may your days be filled with good pictures as well.


Merri and I love our lives in North Carolina’s mountains but autumn’s frosty bite has arrived. The trees along the creek are golden now.


Instead of sitting in the cold and gray we move to Ecuador’s Pacific coast and Cotacachi, enjoying warm, sunny weather at unbelievably low prices.

Many who join us pay for their trips with Ecuador products they buy and export. One delegate who just visited told us he bought 150 Ecuador shawls at $1.50 and exported them to sell at $19.95. He paid for his entire trip and made a small profit.

At our Ecuador exports course we look at how to combine ideas and products to make them worth more. For example here I combined Ecuadorian carpets with Ecuadorian carved wood frames to make Ecuadorian art.


Our Oct 14-18 Ecuador Import Export Course is a great place to do your Christmas shopping and learn how to have an Ecuador export business in the process. The course has one space left. See more here.

Learn this November more about Ecuador and emerging bonds. Join Merri, me, Steve, Kjetil Haugan and Peter Conradsen of Jyske Global Asset Management in Cotacachi Ecuador. We’ll review economic conditions, Ecuador real estate, my entire portfolio and investing and business ideas for the months ahead.

Nov 7-9 2008 International Investing and Business Made EZ Ecuador

Stay on for our Imbabura real estate extension. See wonderful condos for sale at $46,000 in Cotacachi with beautiful hardwood interiors like this.


Nov 10-11 Imbabura Real Estate tour

Then travel to the coast. Enjoy Ecuador’s coast and see condos for $89,000 on Ecuador’s Pacific with views like this.


November 12-15, 2008 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour;

The coastal tour includes a free one day Quito Real Estate Tour November 16, 2008.

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