Multi Currency Trends

by | Oct 6, 2008 | Archives

We see multi currency trends everywhere when we look and think.

For example, I love a naturally healthy lifestyle and do not endorse the concept of using pharmaceuticals. Yet I do not let my personal beliefs blind me to the multi currency investing trends that I see developing.

This is why why several months ago, we looked at the idea of investing in shares of Novo Nordisk in an article entitled “Multi currency investing beats inflation.”

A much as I hate the fact, conditions suggest that we will see a trend away from healthy and organic eating. I believe this trend will shrink because a larger segment of the population will be hard pressed to pay for what they eat even if it is not the healthiest.

Food price will outweigh quality.

Sales of fast, cheap high carb, high fat food will rise…as will blood sugar problems and diabetes.

Novo Norsk is the largest maker of insulin so it makes sense that this company will do well.

Jyske Bank agrees and has given a buy signal on Novo Norsk shares.

Jyske recently set this memo to me.

Novo Nordisk (BUY): Capital-markets day confirms potential

On Friday 26 September, Novo Nordisk held its capital-markets day. The day did not bring any important news but it confirmed our assumptions that the market is underestimating the company”s growth potential within the diabetes business. We particularly have a more optimistic view of the launch of liraglutide compared with the market. Therefore, we maintain our BUY recommendation with a 12-month price target of DKK 380.”

You can read more about these shares in my multi currency portfolios course. You can subscribe to our multi currency portfolios course.

Until next message, good global investing to you.


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