Multi Currency Financial Crisis

by | Oct 4, 2008 | Archives

The multi currency multi market financial crisis has hit the equity markets everywhere. To my surprise emerging markets have turned out to be very resistant to this crisis compared with other asset classes.

Look at the multi currency major markets year to date as of last week. The German DAX stock market index is down by 27% year to date! The Japanese Nikei 225 is down from 16,500 to 11,500. The Dow in the US has dropped from 13,000 to below 11,000.

Yet the diversified multi currency emerging market index was up +3.67% year to date.

This is an error I made in my personal portfolio. When I reduced my equities last year, I sold my good value emerging markets fund and kept my major markets good value equity fund.

I knew that emerging markets outperform major markets. I knew that emerging markets recover faster than major markets. Yet my belief was that emerging markets would drop faster than major markets in turbulent times. This belief was wrong as the indices above and fund performance below shows.

The stronger emerging markets can be seen via mutual fund performance as well. Look at the return for year to date, three and five years for Jyske Invest’s global and emerging market equity funds.

Multi Currency Fund
Performance 1 year 3 years 5 years
Jyske Invest Global Equities -15.92% 23.67% 67.73%
Jyske Invest Emging Mkt Eqt. -12.57% 70.75% 181.31%

The shift continues from the old world to the new. The United States is in the doldrums and is not the only industrialized country feeling strain. Remember this is the era when small and new is good!

Here is the multi currency investing point. As the current economic cleansing evolves, the rebound may be better in emerging equity markets countries than in major equity markets.

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Tomorrow’s message looks at how to cash in on this multi currency business opportunity.

Until then, good global investing.


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Tomorrow’s message looks at more Ecuador pictures and the benefits of a multi currency business.

Until then, good multi currency investing.


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